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There’s no question that Navy SEALs are veritable ripsnorters.

They’ve had a reputation as free-wheeling bruisers since the 1960s, but their recent missions in the Middle East and increased media coverage have propelled them to near mythical status. (There’s even a genre of romance novels about SEALs now). 

As they’ve gained popularity, journalists, screenwriters, bloggers, YouTubers, and even government officials have been quick to capitalize on the public’s interest in their exploits. For example, a quick google search for “navy seal training” comes up with the following: 

“How Navy Seals Do the Impossible”

“17 gripping images show what it really takes to be a Navy SEAL”

“Can You Complete a Navy SEALs Workout Routine?”

You’ll also find countless YouTube videos of people attempting Navy SEAL training (or at least what they think is Navy SEAL training). 

And it makes you wonder . . . what is Navy SEAL training really like? 

Do I have what it takes to do it? 

Will it help me get in shape? 

That’s what you’ll learn in this podcast. 

I should say right off the bat that I’m not a Navy SEAL, and everything in this podcast is gleaned from books by and about Navy SEALs and a few conversations with SEALs and other members of the US military. So, take it with a big grain of (sea) salt. 

That said, by the end you’ll have a good understanding of what Navy SEAL training is like (at least the physical components) and whether this kind of training will help you get in shape.


7:01 – What does Navy SEAL training look like? 

14:28 – Should I train like a Navy SEAL? 

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