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In this episode, I interview Nicole, who read Thinner Leaner Stronger and used what she learned to lose over 100 pounds while gaining significant amounts of muscle.

After having her third child, Nicole was over 260 pounds and embarrassed by letting herself get to that point. She got fed up and decided to make a change, but she wasn’t sure what to do to get fit.

Like many women, she was intimidated by weightlifters in the gym and ended up spending her time in the cardio section. It didn’t help that she was taught by misguided trainers that she needed to “tone” and lifting weights would make her bulky. She was also following heavily-restricted fad diets, which lead to a lot of binge eating.

She eventually lost some weight, but she still wasn’t happy with her physique. She was skinny fat

Luckily, a google search on building muscle helped her find my book Thinner Leaner Stronger, and after implementing what she learned about macros and strength training, she’s now 156 pounds, wearing size 4 jeans, and has visible abs.

What’s more, her awesome transformation has inspired her husband to join a gym, and he’s also lost 100 pounds!

In this interview, Nicole and I chat about her story and the important lessons she’s learned along the way, including what she was doing before finding TLS, how macros transformed her eating and ability to stick to her diet, how she overcame gym intimidation, how she’s inspired her kids to eat healthier, what she’s working toward now, and more.

So if you’re looking for a jolt of inspiration and like motivational stories, I highly recommend you listen to this episode.


5:23 – Where were you before you met me and my work and where are you now?

12:04 – Before you met me, what was working for you and what wasn’t working for you?

17:01 – How did it make you feel knowing you lost the weight you wanted but you still weren’t satisfied with how you looked?

18:04 – How did you find me?

23:43 – How was the gym intimidation factor?

26:14 – When did you start to feel more comfortable?

29:07 – Since you’ve gained some muscle how has that changed your physique?

35:56 – Where do you want to go next? What are you working towards?

41:49 – How has what you’re doing rubbed off on your kids?

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