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Body composition refers to how much of your body is composed of body fat versus muscle. 

Although most people fixate on their body weight when trying to get in shape, body composition is a much more useful metric to track. 

The problem with just tracking your body weight is that if you’re new to proper diet and exercise, you’ll lose fat and build muscle at the same time. Your scale weight may not change significantly for several weeks or months, which rankles dieters to no end. 

Even though it may not look like you’re making progress, though, your body composition probably tells a different story. 

Thus, your real goal when losing weight should be to improve your body composition—to lose fat and maintain or gain muscle.

In this podcast, you’ll learn: 

    • How to measure body composition.
    • What it looks like when you build muscle and lose fat simultaneously (with some body composition examples).
    • What the best body composition analysis tool is.
    • What the best body composition exercises are.
    • And more!


10:10 – What is body composition? 

18:26 – How can body composition measurements be incorrect? 

29:28 – How do you properly measure body composition? 

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