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In this episode, I interview Anna, who read Thinner Leaner Stronger and used what she learned to lose over 85 pounds of fat while gaining 20 pounds of muscle and getting significantly stronger.

Before finding TLS, Anna was 200 pounds, in pain from being overweight, displaying symptoms of pre-diabetes, and didn’t know how to lose fat. 

She wanted to make a change, but didn’t know where to start. Luckily, her brother was familiar with my work and convinced her to read TLS. That’s when she learned all about what to do in the gym, how to eat properly, and most importantly for her, flexible dieting. 

Now she knew what to do, but she was filled with self-doubt and didn’t know if she could accomplish her goals. She smartly set a smaller, attainable goal of getting down to 170 pounds as a benchmark. 

Once she started applying what she learned and saw progress, she gained confidence. She started to feel like she was in control and could actually set even bigger goals and reach those too. 

Now, Anna is 135 pounds, having gained 20 pounds of muscle while losing 85 pounds of fat, and more than tripled her strength on many lifts. This process has not only transformed her body, but her whole mindset. As you’ll hear in the interview, Anna is confident and fearless. 🙂

In this interview, Anna and I chat about her story and the important lessons she’s learned along the way, including her childhood and how she became overweight, what convinced her to start going to the gym, how she’s incorporating cardio and diet breaks, what she’s working toward now, and more.

So if you’re looking for a jolt of inspiration and like motivational stories, definitely listen to this episode.


6:57 – What does your before and after look like?

10:42 – How did you find me and my work?

12:56 – How did you deal with being overweight as a child?

17:37 – What did your meal plan look like?

22:25 – What did your training look like?

29:26 – Have you done any cardio?

31:54 – How have you set up your deficit periods and diet breaks?

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