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While my world revolves around lifting heavy objects and learning how to eat “like an adult,” I occasionally dip into talking about entrepreneurship, marketing, and business in general. 

And feedback on this sort of content has been great. People with the entrepreneurship bug want to know what’s worked for me, what hasn’t, and what I’ve learned while growing my own businesses. 

The truth is starting your own business isn’t for everyone. You have to do a lot more work, take on a lot more stress, and generate a lot more revenue to be successful than most people think.

In other words, it’s not for the lazy or faint of heart. 

These are things I recently talked about with Cody McBroom, who interviewed me on his Tailored Life Podcast, in which he asked me about all things business. 

I wanted to share this interview on my own podcast because I think it will be valuable to my listeners. It provides a peek behind the curtain of what it really takes to run and grow a business, build and maintain momentum, and more.

In the interview, I talk about . . .

  • The myth of “overnight success” stories and how to deal with impatience
  • Reasons why you might not want to start a business or become an entrepreneur
  • Work life balance, stress, and parenting
  • Reflection and “self-care” routines (and why I don’t meditate)
  • And a whole lot more . . .

So if you’re interested in getting an “inside scoop” on what it takes to be successful in business, I think you’re going to enjoy this episode.

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6:35 – What are your thoughts on patience and people not being patient enough?

17:59 – What allowed you to become more patient?

25:18 – What does it take to start a business? 

45:42 – What are your thoughts on reflection and balance?

56:06 – Rapid questions 

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