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In this podcast, you’re going to learn about supplements that can help you focus better.

The ability to control your attention and focus for extended periods of time is one of the most important metaskills. That is, it’s a skill that makes other skills better.

Mastering your attention and eliminating distractions can make a big difference in your life.

You can train your ability to focus with meditation or use techniques like Pomodoro to accomplish more deep work. You can also address your environment, tipping the scales in your favor to accomplish goals faster and easier.

Your internal environment plays a role too. You can also get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and eat well, which will all help boost your brain power.

The last part of the equation is supplementation. Are there any supplements scientifically-validated to improve your ability to focus? Find out in this episode. 


7:00 – What do you mean by focus? 

10:43 – What supplements enhance focus? 

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