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This podcast is all about building your arms. Whether you’re a guy who wants to put on mass or a gal who wants more defined and toned arms, this episode is going to help. 

While most guys want arms as big as possible, and most women I’ve talked to care more about toning their arms than adding size, the solution is the same.

You want to build muscle and strength in your arms, and reduce your levels of body fat. That’s the key.

And the surprising truth for most women is they need a lot more muscle and strength in their arms than they realize. That is, they’re going to have to get a lot stronger and more muscular than the average woman who doesn’t train to get their desired look. That’s how you get sculpted, defined arms that aren’t big and bulky.

Most arm workouts online are all about blitzing your biceps and triceps with huge amounts of volume and fancy techniques until you can no longer move your noodly appendages, which just isn’t as effective as what I’m going to share with you in this podcast. 

So, press play if you want to hear my favorite tips for getting fitter, bigger, more toned arms.

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5:54 – Mike’s top 5 tips for better arm workouts 

19:49 – An example of an effective arm workout 

22:03 – Bicep’s workout example 

29:64 – Tricep’s workout example 

32:07 – How often should I be training my arms? 

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