If you (k)need help with your knees (har har), this podcast is for you. 

That’s because I’m having a chat with Ben Patrick, also known as the Knees Over Toes Guy, and we’re talking all about improving knee function and pain. 

In case you’re not familiar with Ben, he’s taken the fitness world by storm with a seemingly controversial and contrarian stance on the old adage of never pushing your knees past your toes. So much so that he’s gained over 1 million followers across social media fast, and been featured on the Joe Rogan podcast.

Ben gave up a career in college basketball to help people build strong, healthy knees, reduce knee pain, avoid surgery, and unlock their athletic potential.

We’ll get more into his background in the interview, but after spending his teenage years riddled with chronic knee pain and getting knee surgery, he developed his own system to build bulletproof knees. Now he can perform impressive feats of lower body mobility and knee strength, and coaches everyone from to newbies dealing with knee issues to elite athletes wanting to perform their absolute best.

In this interview, Ben and I talk about how he rehabilitated two dysfunctional knees, the benefits of walking backwards and reverse step-ups, supplements that can help with joint pain, and a whole lot more.

So if you want to learn how Ben beat chronic knee pain, and how certain simple exercises can unlock your true athletic potential, listen to this interview! 

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6:49 – Why knees over toes? What is the significance of that?

17:24 – How did you start healing your knees to play professional basketball?

23:11 – Where did it go from there?

57:31 – What are some supplements that people should take for knee pain?

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