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I got a lot of great feedback on my previous podcast about weightlifting cues.

In that episode, I covered my favorite cues for the squat, deadlift, and bench press.

So, I thought I would do another episode covering the best cues for the front squat, overhead press, pull-up, chin-up, and the barbell row, which are some of my favorite exercises besides the “big three.”

So, if you want to learn what weightlifting cues are, as well as my favorite cues for better form and performing better in the gym, listen to this episode!  

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2:19 – What is a cue? 

8:17 – Front squat cues 

11:24 – Overhead press cues 

15:34 – Pull up and chin up cues 

18:55 – Barbell row and dumbbell row cues 

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