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In this podcast, I chat with Stan Efferding all about speed training. 

If you’re not familiar with speed training, it’s based on the concept of lifting lighter weights with maximum velocity in order to increase your speed when using heavier weights. Basically, it boils do to doing lighter work as fast as possible (while still using proper form, of course).

Speed training is particularly useful for powerlifters looking to increase their totals. However, it’s also useful for people looking to try new things in the gym or maybe even squeeze out a bit more muscle and strength gain if they’ve already achieved the majority of their natural potential. And because I haven’t done speed training myself, I wanted to get an expert like Stan onto the podcast to help people who are interested in this type of training.

In case you’re not familiar with Stan, he’s held two all-time raw world powerlifting records and is colloquially known as the “world’s strongest bodybuilder.” He’s more than just super-strong, though. He also knows how to help other people get results, which is why he’s worked with Hafthor Bjornsson, Ed Coan, Ben Smith, Flex Wheeler, and most recently, Jon Jones, a former UFC champion who holds many UFC records. 

In our discussion, Stan and I discuss what bar speed can tell you about muscle failure, the biggest things that can help your bar speed, the benefits of bodybuilding-style training and cardio on increasing bar speed, the concept of “overspeed,” and a whole lot more.

So if you want to learn all about what bar speed is, why it matters, and practical tips for how you can boost yours, check out this interview!

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6:14 – Why is speed training important? What has helped your speed training most?    

9:33 – How does bar speed affect muscular failure?

15:59 – How can you increase the reps or sets you can do at a particular speed?   

16:55 – What is general physical preparedness?

27:01 – How can you measure your bar speed without buying a bar speed device? 

29:25 – At what point does the bar slow down in terms of reps in reserve?

35:31 – How can you incorporate speed training in your training program?    

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