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This podcast is a Q&A, but it’s a bit different from the kind you’ll typically find here on Muscle For Life.

In my usual Q&A episodes, I take a question from email or Instagram and then fully answer it in an episode of the podcast every week.

However, over on Instagram, I’ve started doing weekly Q&As in the stories, and it occurred to me that many podcast listeners might enjoy hearing these questions and my short answers. So, instead of talking about one thing in an episode, I’m going to cover a variety of questions. And keep in mind some of these questions are just for fun. 🙂

So if you want to ask me questions in my Instagram stories, follow me on Instagram (@muscleforlifefitness), and if I answer your question there, it might just make it onto an episode of the podcast!

If you like this type of episode, let me know. Send me an email ([email protected]) or direct message me on Instagram. And if you don’t like it, let me know that too or how you think it could be better.

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4:09 – Republican or libertarian?

6:21 – Why am I getting stronger but I don’t look bigger?

6:47 – Do you take every Legion supplement every day?

7:21 – Why do you do so much cardio?

8:49 – How do you improve recovery?

9:35 – Yay or nay to vaccine mandates?

10:19 – Did you catch covid?

11:35 – What exercises should you consider eliminating?

12:51 – Why do you lift your head while benching?

13:22 – What books are you currently reading?

14:10 – Lunges or step-ups?

14:23 – How can I make getting fit fun?

14:45 – Should you take a break from pre-workouts and fat-burners?

15:54 – Do a lot of women flirt with you?

17:53 – How many days per week do you train?

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