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In this podcast, I chat with my friend, Michael Chernow, about his new oatmeal and apparel business called Kreatures of Habit.

In case you’re not familiar with Michael, he’s a trained chef and “serial entrepreneur” with repeat success in the restaurant industry, including The Meatball Shop (with 8 locations) and Seamore’s (a sustainable seafood restaurant). It’s clear Michael hasn’t just “gotten lucky,” but knows how to build effective brands and businesses, and I’ve had him on the podcast before to talk about entrepreneurship. 

And that’s why I wanted to get him back on the show to talk about this new endeavor. A direct-to-consumer oatmeal business is a horse of a different color from a restaurant, so I wanted to ask Michael how things are going and what inspired him to delve outside of his usual realm of restaurant entrepreneurship.

In our discussion, we discuss the backstory of Kreatures of Habit, the importance and life-changing benefits of habits in general, money and financial freedom, the challenges he’s been facing with the new business, and a lot more.

So if you want to learn all about the entrepreneurship process and what it’s like to start a new business that makes delicious oatmeal, listen to this interview!

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7:13 – Why did you delve outside the realm of restaurants and your past success?                            

34:30 – How has the business been going? What challenges are you facing?

38:41 – What role does the apparel play?              

47:03 – What’s the big vision? Where is this business in 10 years?                      

50:01 – Why you shouldn’t chase money.            

1:13:10 – Where can people find Kreatures of Habit?                                     

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