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In this podcast, I interview Dr. Aaron Horschig all about lifting injuries, including injury prevention, treatment, and pain management.

I thought Aaron would be the perfect guest for this topic because he has a book called Rebuilding Milo, which is all about fixing common lifting injuries, whether it’s knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, you name it.

Of course, when it comes to injuries, you can kick the can down the road by loading up on NSAIDs and slathering on Icy Hot, but to really deal with injuries and pain correctly, you need to assess and address the root cause, which Aaron helps you do through his book.

In case you’re not familiar with Aaron, he’s the founder of, has a doctorate in physical therapy, and has been involved in olympic weightlifting for over a decade as both a competitor and coach. So, he knows how to approach injury prevention and rehab from the perspective of someone who actually lifts and has experience with professional athletes.

In this episode, we discuss injury prevention through technique refinement and load management, the importance of warm-ups, banded joint mobilization, rooting out the cause of pain, why you might not want to ice your injuries, and a lot more.

So if you want to learn how to prevent lifting injuries and properly assess and address pain, listen to this interview!

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5:40 – Why is your book called “Rebuilding Milo”?

14:34 – Tips for injury prevention and treatment.

16:39 – Why you need to learn proper technique.

17:25 – The importance of load management.

23:06 – The value of filming your lifts.

26:39 – Why warm-ups are more important than you realize.

28:09 – What is banded joint mobilization?       

33:20 – How to fix hip impingement.           

42:59 – How do you treat injuries?    

43:16 – Should you ice your injuries? 

50:48 – What else can we do to treat injuries?

56:05 – How to determine the cause of pain through screening.

1:00:51 – Assessing pain and injuries.   

Mentioned on the Show:

Aaron’s book Rebuilding Milo

Aaron’s website Squat University

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