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This podcast is all about sperm. That’s because I’m talking with Khaled Kteily about male fertility.

The reason I thought this would make a good topic is it’s an aspect of health I haven’t really touched on before and male fertility isn’t something many people talk about. And what better person to speak about male fertility than the CEO of Legacy, a Harvard-backed company that offers at-home sperm testing, cryostorage (freezing your little swimmers for future use), and educational resources to help men understand and protect their fertility.

In this episode, Khaled and I chat about how fertility is changing (and possible reasons why male fertility is on the decline), why it matters, what you can do to improve your fertility, how family planning is changing, what conception might look like in the future, and more.

And even if you’ve already had kids (like me) or don’t plan on having kids, this podcast is worth a listen because you probably know someone who is trying to have kids or wants to have kids in the future. Not only is your fertility an important biomarker for overall health, but considering how common fertility problems are these days, it could be affecting someone you care about. 

So, if you want to learn all about male fertility and whether you should consider testing and freezing your sperm, definitely check out this podcast! 


12:46 – How and why are thoughts about fertility changing?

16:17 – How is fertility measured?

17:49 – What factors are causing a decrease in male fertility?                     

22:45 – Do cell phones and radiation affect our sperm?                       

26:05 – How can people reduce exposure to harmful chemicals?                        

27:50 – What can you do to make your body more resilient to negative effects?              

30:14 – What role does meat eating play in fertility?                                    

31:38 – Family planning

38:21 – Does using younger eggs and sperm reduce the chances of things going wrong?       

41:35 – What’s the ideal age to test and freeze your sperm?                

42:26 – Are there risks associated with IVF?              

43:53 – Why do you think IVF will be preferred?                                  

52:27 – Where can people find you online?                             

53:33 – Should you test your sperm even if you’re not going to freeze your sperm?         

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