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This podcast is a Q&A, but it’s a bit different from the kind you’ll typically find here on Muscle For Life.

In my usual Q&A episodes, I take a question from email or Instagram and then fully answer it in an episode of the podcast every week.

However, over on Instagram, I’ve started doing weekly Q&As in the stories, and it occurred to me that many podcast listeners might enjoy hearing these questions and my short answers. So, instead of talking about one thing in an episode, I’m going to cover a variety of questions. And keep in mind some of these questions are just for fun. 🙂

So if you want to ask me questions in my Instagram stories, follow me on Instagram (@muscleforlifefitness), and if I answer your question there, it might just make it onto an episode of the podcast!

If you like this type of episode, let me know. Send me an email ([email protected]) or direct message me on Instagram. And if you don’t like it, let me know that too or how you think it could be better.


3:40 – Are explosive reps better for glute growth than normal or slower tempos?                                  

6:23 – What is the most effective sales communication that resonates with me?                                     

7:34 – Do you think there will be an economic collapse?                                   

8:39 – How to naturally boost your testosterone                                     

9:33 – Would you ever use a sun bed?                                  

10:03 – Getting started seems hard                           

10:50 – Are you getting easier or cheaper distribution to the UK any time soon?                                

11:34 – How do you get rid of love handles?                                   

12:39 – Does foam rolling help recovery?                                    

13:45 – When shit hits the fan in the US, where are you going?                                    

14:06 – Does masturbating stunt gains?                                 

14:55 – Best mobility exercises                                    

15:37 – Have you always had the same political views as now?                                    

16:39 – Is fasting or keto beneficial for longevity?                                 

18:31 – What exercises should be avoided with disc herniation?                                   

19:12 – Have you ever shit yourself while squatting?                        

19:35 – How many 6 year olds could you beat in a fight?                                    

20:40 – Do stomach vacuums flatten your belly?                              

20:59 – Is a Fitbit a good method of estimating your total daily energy expenditure?         

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Hello and welcome to Muscle For Life. I’m Mike Matthews. Thanks for joining me today. And quickly, if you haven’t already, please do take a moment to subscribe to the show in whatever app you’re listening to me in so you don’t miss new episodes. And it helps me out because it boosts the ranking of the show in the various charts.

And this episode is going to. What is this? This is my sixth. I have here my sixth q and a, the new format of q and a that I’ve been doing for a few weeks now that has been getting a lot of positive response, and that is I answer people’s questions a lot faster than I normally do. I don’t go on 10 minute tangents for every question I spend, maybe a couple of minutes.

Answering the question and then moving on to the next, and I get the questions over on Instagram, so if you want to participate in this q and a series, follow me on Instagram at Muscle for Life Fitness, and every Monday or Tuesday I post in my stories. One of those ask me anything, little stickers. I get a lot of questions from people and I answer the questions on Instagram, and then I also come and answer them here on the podcast.

And so I’m picking questions that are just interesting to me or maybe funny or topical. Things I’m getting asked about frequently or things that I haven’t already beaten to death and spoken and written a lot about. And so that’s what we are going to be doing. And as usual, we are going to go all over the place.

I try to be eclectic with my question selection. So we’re gonna be talking about glute growth and boosting testosterone, and then we’re gonna be talking about effective sales communication and economic. Collapse using a sun bed, shitting yourself while squatting. Yes, I did answer that question and more.

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Thinner, leaner, stronger for women and the shredded chef for my favorite fitness friendly recipes. Okay, so the first question comes from anonymous because it looks like I didn’t take my screenshots correctly of all the questions that I answered, but it is for glute growth, are explosive moves or explosive reps better than, Normal rep tempos or should you be going slower than usual and a normal rep tempo, which is one 11 really, or even 1 0 1, meaning the first part of the exercise, the first half, which sometimes is lowering the weight, sometimes it’s raising the weight.

Depends on what you’re doing, is about one second. Then you have a slight pause, not an extended pause, slight pause, and then the second half of the exercise takes. A second. So you’re moving pretty quickly, but you’re moving in a controlled fashion. And rep tempo has been studied multiple times and the key takeaway is that normal, traditional rep tempo appears to work best.

It works better than super slow rep training, for example. And as far as super fast training goes where you are taking lighter weights and you are trying to explode, you’re trying to move as quickly as possible with good form that does have its uses. For example, athletes who want to improve power, who want to be able to generate a lot of force very quickly, they can benefit from including that.

In their training. Now, that’s not all they would do. They would wanna do a lot of strength training to be able to generate that force, and then they would want to calibrate their bodies, so to speak, to generate now power. So not just to generate the force, but to generate it. Quickly. And generally in training, the more specific you can be to what you want to achieve, the better results you are going to get.

So if you want to generate more power, then you want to train that way. You want to practice generating power, generating force very quickly. And if you use heavy weights, you are not gonna be able to do that. You’re gonna be able to generate a lot of force. But not very quickly. However, for most of us who are mostly concerned with body composition and just general performance, the explosive training is not necessary.

It’s not negative. It doesn’t, it’s not going to detract from our goals of building muscle, gaining strength, losing fat, staying healthy, but it’s not gonna be more effective than just traditional. Like I said, normal one 11 1 0 1 or one 11 rep tempo with relatively heavy weights, in the range of 65 to maybe 95% of one rep max.

Taking our hard sets close to muscular failure. That is the bread and butter. If you want to do some explosive training just for fun, you can, but it would be in addition to your foundational training. The next question, and unfortunately I don’t have who asked this. I do have who asked some, but not this one.

It is what, if any, is the most effective sales communication that resonates with me, and I can answer this, what resonates most with me, but I have a lot of experience. Selling things to other people both through sales, more of a one to one, and then marketing, which is one to many. And generally speaking, the most effective sales communications are powerful presentations of value, of a value proposition and offer, right?

So you have clear and credible and elegant answers to simple questions. What is this? Who is it? What does it do? Why should I believe you? Why should I buy from you and not a competitor? Why should I buy this product of yours and not another, and why should I buy it right now versus doing something else?

If you can answer those questions again, clearly, credibly, elegantly. Then you can create sales messages that resonate. The next question is, do you think there will be an economic collapse? To answer that, I’m going to quote from a book, contrary Wise, continued TW l d, if it was, so it might be, and if it were, so it would be, but as it isn’t, it ain’t.

That’s logic, and I’m saying that to say I have no clue. It seems unlikely anytime soon, but I don’t know that much about macroeconomics and the phenomenon of dueling experts is. Particularly prevalent in economics, meaning you have one highly credentialed expert who says one thing and then another highly credentialed expert who says the exact opposite, and it can be hard to follow along unless you have technical expertise yourself.

And so who knows, right? We live in a tilter world, so I guess we’ll find out. Next question. Hey, I have who asked this one. It is FAZ 24 24, and he asks best ways to naturally boost testosterone. The first is strength training. The second is a nutritious diet with at least 25 to 30% of calories from fat with more unsaturated fat than saturated fat.

And that’s for health reasons. The third is good sleep hygiene. Hugely important, more important probably than any of these other points actually. So keep that in mind, even though I’m ordering them the way that I am. The next one is adequate vitamin D and zinc intake. Very important. And the fifth and final tip is to manage stress levels, because if stress levels are too high too often, then cortisol levels are going to be too high, and then that depresses testosterone.

There is an inverse relationship there. Next we have Jack Hand, 66 who ask. Would you ever use a sun bed? I have. In the past. I remember I had a photo shoot one time and I didn’t have enough time to get in the sun and I wanted to be a little bit more tan, so I did a few tanning bed sessions. But as a general rule, no, because if you look at the weight of the evidence it clearly increases the risk of skin cancer.

So no sun beds for me. Next, we. Jean Paul DeSilva, or, no, this is a woman, so it would be Jean, probably Jean Paul DeSilva, and she says, getting started seems hard, willing to put the work in, but still seems hard and that’s totally normal. It is the way it’s supposed to be actually. Working out is supposed to be hard.

That’s the point. It’s not blowing up balloons, it’s not bagging groceries. Even though some days it can feel like that. It is hard, period. Sometimes it’s hard as hell and sometimes you have to leave a little bit of blood on the alter, and that’s as it really should be. That’s as it must be. And the fact that it’s hard. Is not a sign that it’s probably not worth it. That is how it signals it’s. Next we have Cameron Claytor I’m guessing that’s how you pronounce the last name. And he asks, are you going to be getting easier slash cheaper distribution to the UK anytime soon? So he’s referring to Legion, and yes, Legion will be live on Amazon UK early next year.

We are starting with a couple of products and then we are going to be adding the rest of our range, of our. And from there we are going to figure out better distribution into Western Europe possibly Eastern Europe. We also are going to be figuring out Canada. Unfortunately, international logistics is not easy, particularly in these corona doom times, but we’re working on it and we will get.

Tono Flos asks the next question, how to get rid of love handles, and this one’s easy. You just have to keep getting leaner. That really is the question for spot reducing any area of your body, meaning if you want to make any specific area of your body leaner, you just have to keep reducing your general body fat percentage, and you just have to stay patient, unfortunately.

The areas that we generally care the most about are the ones that are the last to get leaned. So for us guys, lower abdominal fat, just the lower area of our abdomen, that’s what we care the most about, and that is the last. To go for us guys and for women it’s generally the hips and the thighs and the butt, that whole area.

So just stay patient, keep getting leaner. You probably are going to have to get a bit leaner than you think to get the look that you want, but you will get there and then you can flip to a maintenance mode and enjoy the fruits of your labor. The next question comes from D B 1346. Does foam rolling Help Recovery, and I’ve written about this [email protected] if you want to look at some of the research, but the weight of the evidence, my interpretation of it is that.

Yeah it can help a little by increasing blood flow, by decreasing inflammation. It also can help resolve trigger points. You have to know a little bit about trigger points, how to find them and how to work through them. It’s not complicated, but you just have to understand the basics. And foam rolling can help with that, although something more.

Targeted like a lacrosse ball or a golf ball can be even better for that. To find these little points and then mash ’em up. And if you can find trigger points and resolve them, that can help you in the gym. Because, for example, there could be a trigger point that is making bench pressing uncomfortable or making pulling uncomfortable.

And if you were to resolve that, you wouldn’t have to hold yourself back in the gym because of. Next up we have a question from James Jordan Real, and then and then ellipsis, probably real estate when shit hits the fan in the us. Where are you going? I’m escaping to Switzerland. Lol. I’m going to the gym, James, because that’s the last chance for prs, man.

The next question comes from anonymous because he, yes, it’s definitely a, he of course asks, does masturbating stunt gains, and this is something that over at Legion, we get asked about. Often one of the more common questions outside of the, the standard, how do I lose belly fat? Or how do I gain muscle and strength outside of those questions?

Does jerking off jack up my gains? That’s a common one. And the answer is only if you are unvaccinated. Mercury is in retrograde, so pay attention and when that’s the case, you gotta stop punching the clown. Otherwise wax. Or find someone who’s willing to have sex with you. That’s probably the best option.

Mr. Freedoms asks best mobility exercises, and I guess I read this as best mobility exercise because I answered Turkish getup. If I had to pick one. That is a very good one because there’s a lot of function there. It’s very good for your shoulders, for example. And as far as the lower body goes, I’m gonna say, A walking lunge, which is not normally thought of as a mobility exercise, but it is a highly functional exercise because it trains your hips through a full range of motion.

You can load it of course, and it trains them in exactly the way that they were designed to move. , Sean Shank. Redemption asks, have you always expressed the same political views you have now? Mostly because my politics have evolved, but really only according to my understanding of history and my understanding of human nature, which of course are limited, but those are.

Topics that I’ve put a fair amount of time into reading about and thinking about, and really they’re rather dreary topics on balance. I actually am surprised that us humans that we’ve made it. This far that really is the conspiracy of good, so to speak at work, meaning that when we hear conspiracy, it’s usually in connection with something nefarious.

But the biggest conspiracy, the most influential conspiracy ongoing since the beginning of time is the conspiracy of good. All the people who have worked together to help others to make the world a better place. , Bryce Garber asks Fasting slash keto for longevity. My understanding of the evidence used to support these types of claims is that it’s very speculative.

It focuses a lot on mechanistic research on in vitro. Research, there are some cherry picked human trials in there, often with very unhealthy participants who are not even closely representative of those of us. With a healthy body composition with a nutritious diet, with a vigorous exercise routine.

With good sleep hygiene and so on. So the big question is, again, are benefits seen in very unhealthy people also going to be seen in very healthy people? And if we are going to see the same benefits, how big of an effect are those things going to have? Because just producing a statistically significant effect doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to make any difference.

How big is. Effect and take something like insulin sensitivity and some of the research showing that, again, in very unhealthy people switching from a standard American diet to intermittent fasting diet can significantly improve insulin sensitivity. And that matters because many of these people are diabetic or pre-diabetic.

Okay, but what about somebody like me or probably you? We have high. Insulin sensitivity levels already, because we do the things that I mentioned just a minute ago. If we add intermittent fasting to our regimen, how much of a difference does it make? And the limited research that we have on that suggests not much.

The next question comes from Hassan for Insta, and he asks, which moves should I absolutely avoid with disc herniation? And this is gonna be an answer for anyone having any back issues. Pick up a copy of Dr. Stewart McGill’s book called The Back. Mechanic and go through the assessments in that book, self assessments, and follow the exercise prescriptions because it can work wonders.

And another great book for working through aches and pains and injuries and improving function and performance at home is Dr. Aaron Hors Higg’s Rebuilding Milo. Next is a question from semi Brad and he asks, have you ever ripped off a little more than gas while heavy squatting? Yes, it’s happened. It has happened more than once, but I never let a shark stop me from finishing a set because I am hashtag dedicated and we all know that hashtag real lifters shit themselves.

Extra fly. Dan San asks, how many six year olds could you beat in a fight? I thought about that, and I think I could beat quite a few. I think it would be mostly a matter of stamina, right? Because these little hells, they couldn’t inflict or absorb any real damage. I could even grab a skinny one, disable ’em, and then wield them as a blunt weapon.

So really the question is just. How long could I wa on a punching bag for before I collapse from exhaustion? And I asked people in a poll, how long do you think I could make it for? More than 15 minutes or less than 15 minutes? And 61% said more than 15 minutes, which is generous because punching the shit out of a punching bag is exhausting.

If you’ve never done it, try it. It is. So surprisingly tiring. I think if my life depended on it, yeah, I probably could go 15 minutes. I don’t know if I could go much longer though. The next question comes from unknown, but it’s a good question. Do stomach vacuums flatten your belly? Yes. When you combine them with a consistent calorie deficit, in other words, the only way to.

Really flatten your belly is to lose fat, unfortunately. All right. Final question also comes from anonymous. If I am using a Fitbit, is it a good method for estimating my total daily energy expenditure based on my activity zone minutes? No, I wish that weren’t the case, but I’ve looked at a number of studies on these devices and they can be way off.

And these studies have shown that they are consistently way off, upward of 40 to 50% off. So if you are trying to figure out how many calories you burn, how many calories you should eat based on how many calories you’re burning, head over to legion and go to the learn section.

Of the site, it’s on the menu. Go to the tools section and you’ll find a calorie calculator tool. You will also find a total daily energy expenditure tool, a weight loss tool. We have quite a few calculators that do similar things, but based on exactly what you want to know, one will probably work better for you than another, but just check out the tools.

And you’ll learn how to accurately estimate how many calories you’re burning and then calculate how many calories you should be eating. And of course, you can never be exactly precise on calories out or in, but you don’t have to be, it just has to be good enough for government work to get results.

I hope you liked this episode. I hope you found it helpful, and if you did subscribe to the show because it makes sure that you don’t miss new episodes. And it also helps me because it increases the rankings of the show a little bit, which of course then makes it a little bit more easily found by other people.

Who may like it just as much as you. And if you didn’t like something about this episode or about the show in general, or if you have ideas or suggestions or just feedback to share, shoot me an email, mike muscle for, muscle f o r and let me know what I could do. Better or just what your thoughts are about maybe what you’d like to see me do in the future.

I read everything myself. I’m always looking for new ideas and constructive feedback. So thanks again for listening to this episode, and I hope to hear from you soon.

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