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In this podcast, I’m going to give an in-depth answer to a question I’ve been getting asked more and more frequently over the last 6 months: what’s my take on testosterone replacement therapy? 

When should you use TRT? Why would you start TRT? Is it safe? What are the benefits and what are the risks?

One of the reasons I’ve been getting asked about TRT more often is that it’s getting more popular. So in this podcast, I’m going to talk about what TRT is, when is it clearly indicated, when is it less appropriate, and what you should consider if you’re thinking about starting (or have just started) TRT.  

If you’ve ever wondered what TRT is or whether you should consider starting it, you don’t want to miss this podcast!


4:46 – What is TRT?                                

5:31 – When is TRT given to men?

7:41 – Why do people take TRT?                                

9:11 – What effect does TRT have on testosterone levels and what are the benefits of TRT?                                 

12:51 – What are the risks of TRT?                                   

19:02 – What’s my recommendation regarding TRT?                                   

24:53 – How do you increase testosterone naturally?  

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