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This podcast is about hormones and aging, and specifically, how much hormones affect body composition as you get older.

In it, I’ll go through the most important hormones as they relate to body composition, how they change as we get older, and what we can do to maintain optimal hormone profiles relevant to our age.

There’s no question that we can’t maintain as optimal a hormone profile at 45 as we can at 25, but as you’ll learn here, we can still maintain good enough hormones to gain muscle, lose fat, stay lean and fit, and feel great.

The idea that our hormones crate as we get older and make it impossible to get and stay fit is very discouraging to many people. The good news is that’s mostly untrue. If we’re willing to do a few things consistently and do them well, we can keep our hormones in very healthy and effective ranges.

Listen to this podcast to learn about hormones and how they affect body composition, especially as we age.


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5:08 – These hormones most affect body composition

5:53 – How do these hormones affect body comp?

6:37 – Leptin

7:01 – Ghrelin

8:27 – Testosterone and estrogen

12:01 – Hormones do negatively affect body composition as we get older if we don’t do anything to mitigate the changes

12:31 – How do we prevent our hormones from affecting us negatively?

13:46 – Leptin

14:20 – Ghrelin

14:54 – Growth hormone

16:05 – What effect does training have?

16:40 – Testosterone

17:57 – Do you need high levels of testosterone to get and stay in great shape?

20:01 – Estrogen

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Pre-order my new fitness book now for a chance to win over $12,000 in splendid swag: 

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