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If you’ve paid any attention to what’s trending in the fitness space these days, you may have come across organ meats. Eating liver, kidneys, and heart seems to be on the uptrend in general, and is all the rage in certain corners of the internet. 

Claims about organ meats can vary wildly. Some people say organ meats are reservoirs of toxins and shouldn’t be consumed at all, while others claim you can not only survive by eating only organ meats, but actually enhance your health. Yes, if you hate veggies, you can make up for it by eating enough of the right organ meats, proponents claim.

If you’re like me, you probably don’t eat any organ meats, and opt for more appetizing fare like chicken breast or steak. So what’s the real story here? Should we be incorporating organ meats into our diet? What value do they provide, how much of a difference can they make, and can we get those nutrients from more “normal” foods instead?

To chat about this subject, I invited Chris Kresser back onto the podcast. In case you aren’t familiar with Chris, he’s one of the most well-known names in the world of Functional Medicine, a New York Times bestselling author, and the host of the popular Revolution Health Radio. I last had him on the show to talk about The Game Changers film, and I knew he would be a good guest this time around to talk about the nutritional value of organ meats.

So, if you want to learn about what makes organ meats healthy, how you can incorporate them easily into your diet (and whether you should or need to), give this podcast a spin!


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12:27 – How big of a difference does it make to include organ meats in your diet?                               

15:54 – Can you reach vitamin A sufficiency through carotenoids?                                  

18:17 – Can you get too much retinol?                          

19:26 – An easy way to eat liver                               

25:55 – Are there other ways to get the nutrients from organ meats?                                 

28:48 – Choline                                

29:12 – Folate                                   

29:44 – Legumes                                  

29:57 – Vitamin B12                                 

30:39 – Vitamin K2                                

35:36 – What are your thoughts about taking a well-formulated multivitamin versus trying to get all the key nutrients through food?

37:33 – Bone broth                                  

40:03 – What do you think about plant avoidance?                                 

58:45 – Where can people find you and your work?      

Mentioned on the Show:

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Chris Kresser’s website

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