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This podcast is all about creatine. Specifically, I’m talking with Dr. Darren Candow about common questions regarding creatine, myths, and even some of the latest research on how creatine might even benefit people who aren’t looking to gain gobs of muscle or athletes looking to recover faster.

While creatine isn’t a new subject for the podcast or my content in general, Dr. Darren Candow is a fantastic guest to dive deeper on the topic. That’s because he’s studied it directly in the field. 

Not only is Darren a professor at the University of Regina, but his research is focused on creatine and resistance training, and he’s produced 87 peer-reviewed studies and his work has been cited thousands of times. In other words, he knows a thing or two about science and evidence-based supplementation. 

In our discussion, we talk about . . .

  • Whether creatine affects balding and hair loss
  • How supplementation affects the body’s natural production of creatine
  • Cognitive and brain health benefits of creatine
  • Whether kids and teens should take it
  • Creatin and kidney health
  • Bloating and upset stomachs
  • Why you should probably separate your caffeine and creatine consumption
  • And a lot more . . .

So, if you’re interested in learning more about one of the most-researched and best supplements we have available for getting fitter, stronger, and healthier, don’t miss this podcast! 


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6:21 – What is creatine and what does it do to the body?

11:29 – Does creatine cause hair loss? 

19:25 – If you take creatine will your body stop producing it naturally?

21:38 – How much creatine should I take when starting out?

23:19 – Does creatine increase cognitive benefits?

28:06 –  How much protein can I absorb in one sitting?

29:48 – Can children and teenagers take creatine? 

33:42 – Can you combine creatine and caffeine?

39:50 – Is creatine better to take post-workout?

42:46 – Does creatine cause bloating?

45:28 – What are some myths about how men and women react differently to creatine?  

46:53 – Is creatine safe for the kidneys?

48:33 – Why are there many different forms of creatine? 

51:43 – What can I do if creatine upsets my stomach? 

52:37 – Is it okay to take creatine with food?

53:12 – Is creatine good for endurance training?

54:01 – How does creatine help with recovery?

56:02 – What are other common questions you get about creatine?

57:40 – Where can we find your work? 

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Get my best-selling books Bigger Leaner Stronger and Thinner Leaner Stronger for just 99 cents! This week only:

Dr. Candow’s Instagram

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