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Fitness isn’t everything, but everything is harder if you aren’t fit. And some days, the “fitness” work is internal, not external. Listen to learn why.


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Fitness isn’t everything, but everything is harder if you aren’t fit. And remember that some days fitness isn’t training, it’s resting, it’s relaxing, it’s rejuvenating. Some days the work is internal and not external. And don’t let that make you feel ashamed or frustrated, a healthy and sustainable.

Fitness regimen is not a merry go round. It is a seesaw. So, when you’re feeling out of sorts because of poor sleep, nutrition, or some other reason best known to Lord Cthulhu, sometimes it’s better to do a different, maybe an easier workout, or just take the day off rather than gut it out. Similarly, sometimes you should say no to the ice cream and feel proud, and sometimes you should say yes and feel satisfied.

There are no universal dietary rights or wrongs. There are only circumstances and compatibilities. So your judgment is. counts. Reject dogmas too, because fitness advice, it should be viewed in the same way as suggestions about where to buy groceries or what types of shoes to wear. Even the best pointers have a healthy dose of opinion and preference.

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