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Are electrolyte and hydration supplements worth taking? Can they boost your performance, and prevent dehydration and muscle cramps, or are they a ripoff? The good news is electrolyte drinks, pills, and powders are well studied, and I’m going to dive into what the science says.

Proponents and companies peddling these supplements claim you lose large amounts of electrolytes (like sodium, potassium, and magnesium) when you sweat, and your performance, mood, and overall health will quickly wane if you don’t replenish these vital minerals.

Do you really need to refresh your electrolyte levels, though, or can you get everything you need from food? And when it comes to hydration, are there any benefits to drinking special, salty water?

Listen to this podcast to find out! 


0:00 – My free quiz to answer all your diet questions:

2:40 – What are electrolytes/hydration supplements?

4:24 – Why do people take these supplements?

7:31 – Do electrolytes affect performance? 

9:21 – What is the salty sweater claim?

15:58 – Can electrolytes cure or prevent muscle cramps?

20:28 – Do electrolytes help keep you hydrated?

24:02 Are electrolytes dangerous?

25:08 – What is the final take on electrolytes?

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