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Have you ever garbaged down enough food to sedate an elephant and then worried that you’ve botched your diet? Have you ever skipped a workout or five for whatever reason and then despaired that you’ve derailed your progress? We all have. But none of that actually matters.

Listen to this podcast to find out how you can fail over and over in fitness and still succeed. I think you’ll enjoy this episode!  


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Have you ever garbage down enough food Toran, a girthy, Buffalo, and then fretted that you’ve ruined your diet. Have you ever skipped a workout or two or five because of injury travel or reasons best known to the dread Lord Kalu and then despaired that you have completely derailed your progress. Have you ever wanted to pack it in because despite your best efforts in the kitchen and gym.

You felt like you’re trying to swim upstream in a river of jello. Of course you have. We all have. And here’s the thing, none of that actually matters because you can make every mistake imaginable without screwing this fitness thing up. That’s right. You can blow past your calories time and again, without blowing it, you can miss scores of workouts without wrecking it.

You can stray through the sunless streets of slump town without spoiling. In short, you can fail over and over in fitness and still succeed. How the only way to really lose at this game is to strike your flag is to give up. That is the big secret. No matter how many times you tumble off the wagon so long as you clamber back onto it and CLA on.

You can’t mess this up because fitness is not a contest with winners and losers. There are no deadlines. There are no duals. There are no distinctions or demerits. Fitness is like love laughter and learning. It is a wellspring of health and happiness to pursue purely for its own sake. Fitness is not fleeting.

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If you need to lose more. Want to lose more and gain eye catching amounts of muscle definition and strength, and even better, you will learn how to do those things without having to live in the gym, give up all of the foods or drinks that you love or do long grueling workouts that you hate. And with my books and programs, you will do that.

You will transform your physique faster than you probably think is possible. I will give you your money back. If you are unsatisfied with any of my books or programs, the results, anything for whatever reason, just let me know. And you will get a full refund on the spot. Now I do have several books and programs, including bigger leaner, stronger, thinner, leaner, stronger and muscle for life.

And to help you understand which one is right for you, it’s pretty simple. If you are a guy aged 18 to, let’s say 40 to 45, bigger leaner stronger is the book and program for you. If you are a gal, same age range, thinly or stronger is going to be for you. And if you are a guy or gal 40 to maybe 40. Plus muscle for life is for you.

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I read everything myself. I’m always looking for new ideas and constructive feedback. So thanks again for listening to this episode. And I hope to hear from you soon.

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