There’s no shame in admitting that at least 50% of the reason you work out is that you have a “complicated” relationship with carbs and sugar and don’t want to get fat.

Or that you literally can’t afford to gain weight because then you’d have to buy a new wardrobe. 

Or that you want a good excuse to buy a new wardrobe.

Or that you want to refute people who have doubted you and put you down.

Or that you have fitness goals that have nothing to do with your body composition

Or the other way around.

Or that you don’t want to be fatter than your friends.

Or that you want people to check you out now and then. 

Or that you love checking yourself out when you have a pump.

Or that you get off on the feeling you get when you finish a workout.

Or that you want to lose your gut so your dink looks bigger.

Or that you want to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and get slightly aroused.

Or that your life just feels a little out of order when you stop going to the gym.

No matter how zany your reasons may seem to others, if you can use them to fire your fitness furnace, there’s no shame in exploiting them to the fullest.