What’s the one thing super-fit people all have in common?

No, it’s not exceptional discipline, drive, or durability.

Nor is it excessive neurosis, narcissism, or smugness (good guess, though).

Out of all the positive traits embodied by the people who lose the most fat and gain the most muscle and strength, the factor most responsible for their success is just this:


Invariably, they’re just the ones who miss the fewest workouts and make the fewest dietary mistakes. 

They’re far from perfect, too—they’re just good enough most of the time. “Enough and often and over the long run.” This is the special sauce of the fitness elite. 

They stick to the fundamentals. They show up. They spare no effort. They approach their fitness as nature approaches her work: atom by atom, little by little, never in a hurry. Because it’s astonishing what you can build if you just don’t stop.

And the key to consistency?

It’s not having a lot of time. Nor is it having the right mindset or motivations. It’s just establishing and keeping a routine—deciding what to do every day and when to do it and then doing it exactly that way at exactly the same time regardless of how we feel. 

This orderly march is the cardinal hallmark of the professional. They’re not always the brightest. Nor the most talented. They’re just always locked into forward gear.

“Always think with your stick forward.” 

These were the words Amelia Earhart painted on the side of the plane she flew across the Atlantic. The message is clear: Airspeed over all. Even when the ride is bumpy. Even when the engines splutter and threaten to stall. Even when you lose your bearings. Never sacrifice momentum.

That’s why the essence of my new book Muscle for Life is action. 

The sooner we can get moving, the more likely we are to keep going. When we’re in motion, the roots of doubt and despair can’t ensnare us. By doing things, we can’t be stopped by thinking things.

By the end of this book, you’ll have the will, wherewithal, and way to win in the fitness game, and if you commit to the program, results will follow as sure as split pea soup will satisfy.

Ready to begin? 

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P.S. Broadly, the Muscle for Life program is organized into three steps:

  1. Conquer the “mental game” of fitness. Learn to hack your habits, willpower, and mindset so your fitness regimen feels like it’s on autopilot.
  2. Harness the science of “flexible dieting.” A whole new paradigm for eating that empowers you to forever break free of fad dieting, crash dieting, and yo-yo dieting.
  3. Unlock the power of strength training. The “secret” to optimizing your body composition, which is far more important for your health and image than your body weight.

And whether you’re a beginner looking for a lifestyle change, a lifelong athlete looking to reach the next level, or somewhere in between, this book will give you a paint-by-numbers plan for transforming your body faster than you ever thought possible.

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