This podcast is a bit different from my usual content.

It’s not about getting physically fitter, but it does have to do with getting emotionally (or spiritually) healthier.

This time around, I’ve invited Pat Flynn of Chronicles of Strength back onto the show to discuss some of the deeper questions of existence. That may sound pretentious, but my podcasts with Pat often delve into philosophical tangents and fortunately, have become especially popular among my listeners.

That’s because Pat is an interesting guy. Not only is he a fitness expert and guru who is known for his kettlebell programming and challenges, but he also has a degree in systematic philosophy. He didn’t give it up after school either. He actively studies that material and is working on a book all about it. 

Now, I don’t have a degree in philosophy, but I do have an abiding interest in it, particularly for ideas I can use to improve my life and that I can share with other people to make their lives better as well. 

So, what better guest is there for a philosophical chat than someone who’s deeply passionate about it, like Pat? 

In this episode, we ponder …

  • What relativism is and whether or not truth is objective
  • The purpose of freedom
  • The nature of morality
  • Modern politics and the trajectory of America’s 2-party system
  • Our obligations towards others and ourselves in regards to health
  • And more …

If you enjoy philosophical discussions that just might make you scratch your chin in reflective thought, listen to this podcast!


7:13 – What is your background? 

14:29 – What is the purpose and point of freedom?

19:52 – What is relativism and should we take it seriously? 

34:13 – What is a syllogism?

41:45 – What is the other option?

57:33 – Why do we have freedom?

62:55 – What are the cardinal virtues?

1:16:04 – What is morality and why is it important in our lives?

1:20:15 – How would you describe yourself now politically?

1:26:45 – Do we have moral obligations to others?

1:34:32 – What are some of the consequences of not acting responsibly? 

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What did you think of this episode? Have anything else to share? Let me know in the comments below!