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There are many different ways to program your training, many different exercises to choose from, and many ways to do them.

Some methods and choices are better than others.

Periodization, for example, helps keep the gears of gains greased as you move into the intermediate phase of your weightlifting journey and beyond.

Supersets, on the other hand, are like supplements—a sometimes helpful but nonessential tool.

And then there are many training techniques that have no place in most people’s routines, like forced reps, negatives, and cheat reps.

What about paused reps? Worthwhile or worthless or somewhere in between?

Well, the short answer is when used properly, paused reps can help you gain muscle and strength faster, but not for the reasons people often say. 

And in this podcast, you’re going to learn why, as well as how to effectively incorporate paused reps into your workout routine.

Let’s get to it.

Time Stamps:

2:54 – What are paused reps? 

4:52 – Why do people do paused reps? 

5:14 – Can paused reps improve technique? 

8:42 – Can paused reps help you prepare for a powerlifting meet? 

11:13 – Do paused reps make exercises more difficult? 

18:09 – Can paused reps make your training more interesting? 

20:20 – Can paused reps help you break through training plateaus? 

22:37 – How do I incorporate paused reps into my training? 

29:31 – How do you properly execute a paused rep? 

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