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I don’t appear on many podcasts these days, but when I do, I like to share the conversation here on my podcast if it’s something I think all you beautiful people will enjoy listening to.

And that’s what this episode is—a conversation I had with Cody McBroom on his The Boom Boom Performance Podcast where I pontificate about what should change as you transition from a beginner to an intermediate lifter, how I periodize the training in my new Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger 2.0 program (new book coming this summer!), the lean bulking study with Eric Helms that I’m funding, some supplement stuff like the value of intraworkout carb powders and CLA, and more.

Hit play and let me know what you think!

Time Stamps:

4:00 – How different does training need to be for each individual? 

13:46 – How do you convince people to dial back 30-40 sets per muscle group per week?

23:39 – When do these techniques become relative?

30:59 – What are your thoughts on periodization for muscle growth?

42:06 – What are your thoughts on building muscle on maintenance calories?

50:18 – Can you describe carb powder for those lifting on an empty stomach? Have you ever thought about doing any of those? If you don’t, why not?

57:06 – Can mixing certain ingredients prevent the body from absorbing things?

01:01:51 – Can you review CLA and give your thoughts on it?

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