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No matter how stuck you feel, no matter how bad you might think your genetics are, and no matter how many “advanced” diets and workout programs you’ve tried and abandoned . . .

. . . you absolutely, positively can get bigger, leaner, and stronger than ever before and build the body of your dreams.

And this book is the shortcut.

You don’t need newfangled diets like intermittent fasting, keto, or carb cycling. Such “advanced” protocols are no more effective than traditional dieting.

You don’t need to eat an absurd amount of protein everyday or change up your calories or macros every week. All this will give you is rancid farts and spreadsheet fatigue.

You don’t need to crush yourself with long, grueling workouts that leave your muscles and joints feeling like your dog’s chew toy. This is a great way to develop nagging aches and pains and even injuries that derail your progress, however.

You don’t need to learn strange new ways to do exercises or do a bunch of “special” variations.

You don’t need to incorporate a bunch of “sophisticated” training techniques into your workout routine like supersets, drop sets, giant sets, cluster sets, and so on. Such methods can have their uses, but they can never replace the fundamentals.

Those are just a few examples of the harmful lies and myths that keep men from successfully navigating the “middle years” of their fitness journey and stick them in a deep, depressing rut.

And in this book you’re going to learn something most guys will never know . . .

The exact methods of diet and training that make putting on your next 10 to 15 pounds of quality lean mass run like clockwork . . . and it only takes a few months to start seeing real results.

Here are just a few of the things you're going to discover in this book:

  • Simple and scientific formulas for estimating how much muscle and strength you can gain naturally.
  • How to use special dietary techniques like meal prepping, intermittent fasting, calorie cycling, and mini-cuts to improve your body composition faster than with traditional dieting.
  • How to build the mathematically ideal male physique according to natural laws of proportions and symmetry.
  • A paint-by-numbers training system that will help you build a bigger, fuller chest . . . a wider, tapered back . . . thicker, more powerful legs . . . and stronger, bulging arms . . . spending no more than 3 to 6 hours in the gym every week . . . doing challenging, fun workouts that you enjoy.
  • 9 “superfoods” (that you’ll actually enjoy eating) you can use to “supercharge” your performance inside and outside of the gym.
  • A no-BS “beyond-the-basics” guide to supplements that will show you what works and what doesn’t, saving you hundreds if not THOUSANDS of dollars each year on pills and powders.
  • And a whole lot more!

Imagine waking up every morning, glancing in the mirror, and being downright impressed by your reflection. Imagine going into every workout downright excited, like when you were a beginner.

Imagine, just 12 weeks from now, seeing real muscle and strength gains again, looking forward to your workouts again, and knowing your fitness is finally under your control again.

The bottom line is you CAN get bigger, leaner, and stronger than ever before. This book shows you how.

With this book, you'll also get a FREE 56-page reference guide with all of the book’s key takeaways, a year’s worth of Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger workouts, 10 premade meal plans for cutting and lean bulking, and more!

So, buy this book today and start your journey to a bigger, leaner, and stronger you.

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