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No, we don’t request you deliver it to a PO box in the Gobi Desert by carrier pigeon. Nor do we ask you to fill a cursed inkwell with orc’s blood and demon saliva and then use it to complete reams of return forms written in ancient Cyrillic script.

We just . . . wait for it . . . give you your money back. Holy moo cows. And that means you can say "yes" now and decide later.

The Official Workout Journal for the Bigger Leaner Stronger Program

Is this a bodybuilding book that can help you pack on brain-shrinking amounts of muscle in 30 days flat?


Is it a fitness book full of dubious diet and exercise “hacks” and “shortcuts” for melting belly fat faster than a roided hornet?

Absolutely not.

But is it an exercise book that’ll show you exactly what to do in the gym to gain 25-to-35 pounds of lean muscle?


And faster than you probably think possible, or your money back.

The Year One Challenge for Men is a workout journal companion to the bestselling workout book for men, Bigger Leaner Stronger.

This workout book contains a full year’s worth of Bigger Leaner Stronger workouts for building a full chest, wide back, powerful legs, and built arms . . . in only 3-to-5 hours of weight training per week.

This workout journal also provides you with a comprehensive Bigger Leaner Stronger “cheatsheet” that lists and demonstrates all exercises in the program, and explains how to choose the right routine for you, how to progress in your workouts, how to make exercise substitutions, and more.

It’s also backed by a “No Return Necessary” money-back guarantee, too, that works like this: if you’re unsatisfied with this workout journal or program for any reason, let the author know, and you’ll get a full refund on the spot.

So, imagine . . . just 12 weeks from now . . . looking at the changes in your physique and thinking, "I did that. That’s awesome. I’m awesome." And believing it.

The bottom line is you can get that head-turning “Hollywood hunk” body without doing exhausting weightlifting workouts you hate. And this strength training program shows you how.

Get your copy now, and start your journey to a bigger, leaner, and stronger you.

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