Women's Performance Racerback

The Legion Women's Performance Racerback is a high-end, form-fitting, and moisture-wicking workout shirt made from premium fabrics infused with silver elements that keeps you looking good and smelling fresh no matter how hard you train.

  • The most comfortable workout shirt you’ve ever worn. This shirt is light as a feather, cool as a summer breeze, silky smooth on your skin, and designed with minimal seams and no back label.
  • Made with 91% modal. A luxurious fabric not normally seen in workout clothing due to cost. It’s highly durable, velvety, breathable, moisture-wicking, and resistant to shrinkage and fading.
  • Infused with advanced SILVERPLUS® technology. Contains silver elements that kill body odor and eliminate the sweaty “after gym” smell by stopping the growth of odor-causing bacteria.
  • No detergent needed for a clean wash. Simply rinse under water after use because the SILVERPLUS® technology prevents odor-causing bacteria from forming.
  • Can be worn up to 20 times before machine wash. This saves you money on electricity, water, and detergent costs (which can add up quickly if you hit the gym often!).
  • Produced with eco-friendly materials and environmentally responsible dyes. Everything about this garment, including how it’s made, fully complies with ISO 14000 environmental standards, which means it has minimal impact on the air, water, and land.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these points.

First, let’s talk fit.

This shirt was designed for free movement, which means it won’t be too tight or restrictive, and the stitching is designed to minimize chafing and rubbing, which means no scratching or itching.

Second, let’s talk fabric.

This shirt is 91% modal, which is a bio-based fabric spun from an environmentally safe yarn. It’s the ultimate fabric for fitness apparel for several reasons:

  1. It’s soft, drapes beautifully, and is smooth and silky, making it downright sumptuous on your skin.
  2. It fits fantastically, highlighting your physique without shrink-wrapping your body or bunching or pinching in weird places.
  3. It’s highly durable and doesn’t pill, shrink, or fade easily.
  4. It’s about 50% more water-absorbent than cotton and releases moisture (including sweat!) easily, which means better temperature regulation and less embarrassing body odor.

The other 9% of the fabric is spandex, which improves the flexibility of the shirt and ensures that it stays comfortably snug no matter what you’re doing in your workouts.

Third, let’s talk silver.

This shirt is infused with advanced SILVERPLUS® technology, which uses silver compounds to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria and improve moisture wicking and dispersion.

What this means for you is considerably less body odor and sweat staining while you work out, and little to no “after-gym” stink.

And yes, this also means you won’t have to wash this shirt nearly as often as your other lower-quality workout apparel! Simply rinse it with water after each use and then hang to dry, and you can go for several weeks before having to toss it into the washing machine.

Lastly, let’s talk environment.

Textile production and processing is a messy business. It creates a tremendous amount of liquid, gaseous, and solid waste products, many of which are hazardous to the environment and everything living within it.

As not buying or wearing clothing whatsoever isn’t an option (yet!), the best we can do is produce and purchase garments made with environmentally friendly materials and processes.

That’s why these shirts are manufactured by one of the premier manufacturers of eco-friendly textiles and clothing in the world, and why every aspect of the production fully complies with ISO 14000 environmental standards, which means it has minimal impact on the air, water, and land.

The Bottom Line

Thanks to the premium modal fabric and advanced SILVERPLUS® elements, this is the highest quality and most functional, comfortable, and eco-friendly workout shirt you can buy, and for far less than even our lowest-quality competitors.

Get yours today and get ready to enjoy your new favorite workout shirt--one that fits just the way you like, that’s silky smooth and velvety soft, and that provides all-day comfort without the nasty “after-gym” stink.


Size Chest Body Length Strap Width
  • X-Small 15 1/2 22 1/2 3/4
  • Small 16 1/2 23 3/4
  • Medium 17 1/2 23 1/2 3/4
  • Large 19 25 3/4

Model is 5'6 and is wearing an extra small.

*Shirt measurements are in inches.

How to Find Your Size

These shirts tend to run large because they were designed for free movement

To find your size, choose a similar shirt of yours that fits you well and lay it on a flat surface, such as your bed. Using a tape measure or ruler, take the following measurements:

  1. Chest Width: Measured 1" below arm hole.
  2. Body Length: Measures from high point of shoulder.
  3. Sleeve Length: Measured from shoulder edge.

Then, compare your measurements to our measurements listed above and choose the size that is closest.

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