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Want healthier hormone levels and better mood?

Looking to alleviate feelings of strain and depression?

Interested in supporting your memory and learning?

If so, you want Vitality.

It’s a 100% natural wellness supplement that balances hormones in middle-aged people,
Vitality contains 100 mg of DHEA per serving, which boosts testosterone levels in middle-aged men and estrogen levels in women.
boosts energy and mood Vitality contains 150 mg of Rhodiola rosea, 100 mg of DHEA, and 1.5 g of bilberry extract per serving, which together improve mood, energy levels, memory, and cognition, and reduce stress, fatigue, and depressive symptoms. ,
and reduces stress and fatigue Vitality contains 150 mg of Rhodiola rosea, 100 mg of DHEA, and 1.5 g of bilberry extract per serving, which together reduce symptoms of stress, fatigue, and depression. .

The reason Vitality is so effective is simple:

Every ingredient is backed by peer-reviewed scientific research Every active ingredient in Vitality is supported by high-quality scientific studies demonstrating efficacy in healthy humans. and is included at clinically effective levels Every dose of every active ingredient in Vitality is at a clinically effective level, which is the exact amount shown to be safe and effective in peer-reviewed scientific research. .

So, if you want to feel fitter, livelier, and healthier . . . Vitality is for you.

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Notice to California Consumers

WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including lead which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Natural Ingredients
100% Natural Ingredients

Vitality doesn’t just “contain natural ingredients”—every ingredient is naturally sourced. We don’t use artificial or synthetic substances of any kind.

Science-Backed Ingredients
Science-Backed Ingredients

Every ingredient in Vitality is backed by peer-reviewed scientific research demonstrating clear benefits in healthy humans.

Clinically Effective Doses
Clinically Effective Doses

Every ingredient in Vitality is included at clinically effective levels, which are the exact amounts shown to be safe and effective in peer-reviewed scientific research.

Lab Tested
Lab Tested

Vitality is tested by third-party labs for heavy metals, microbes, allergens, and other contaminants to ensure it meets FDA purity standards.

Made in USA
Made in USA

Vitality is proudly made in America in NSF-certified and FDA-inspected facilities in accordance with the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) regulations.

100% Money-Back-Guarantee
"No Return Necessary"
Money-Back Guarantee

If you don't absolutely love Vitality, you get a prompt and courteous refund. No forms or returns necessary.

Ingredients (1,750 millligrams per serving)

Rhodiola Rosea (150 milligrams per serving)

Rhodiola rosea (also known as Golden Root) is a plant that grows in cold parts of the world, including the Arctic regions of Europe, Asia, and North America.

It’s known as an adaptogen, which is a substance that causes an imperceptible level of stress in the body and trains it to better handle future stresses.

Research shows that supplementation with rhodiola rosea . . .

  • Improves mood and reduces symptoms of stress and depression[1][2][3]
  • Reduces stress-related fatigue[4]
  • Preserves and possibly enhances cognition and mood during strenuous periods[5]
  • May enhance physical performance[6]
  • May reduce exercise-induced muscle damage[7]
  • May help the body defend against viral infections[8]

The clinically effective dose of rhodiola rosea is unknown, but most long-term benefits have been observed with 90 to 120 milligrams.

Vitality contains 150 milligrams of rhodiola rosea per serving, a slightly higher dose, because it may produce quicker results.

Rhodiola Rosea

DHEA (100 milligrams per serving)

DHEA, short for dehydroepiandrosterone, is a hormone produced by our adrenal glands and artificially created from chemicals in wild yam and soy.

Our body converts DHEA into male and female sex hormones, including testosterone and estrogen, and natural production peaks in our early 30s and gradually declines as we get older.

Research shows that supplementing with DHEA increases testosterone production in older men and estrogen production in older women, and this can improve bone density (mostly in women), lessen cognitive impairment, and improve strength.[9][10][11][12][13]

The clinically effective dose of DHEA is between 50 and 200 milligrams.


Bilberry Extract (1,500 milligrams per serving)

Bilberry extract is a substance derived from the fruit of the bilberry plant.

It contains molecules known as anthocyanins, which are powerful antioxidants that give red, purple, and blue plants their rich coloring.

Research shows that supplementation with anthocyanins, like those in bilberry extract . . .

  • Enhances mood[14]
  • Helps preserve cognition, including memory, learning, and fluency[15][16]
  • May enhance cardiovascular health[17]
  • May reduce blood pressure[18]
  • May have anticancer effects[19][20]

The clinically effective dose of bilberry extract depends on its anthocyanin content, and most benefits have been observed in the range of 375 to 1,000 milligrams of dark berry anthocyanins.


Vitamin B12 (6 micrograms per serving)

Vitamin B12 supports the nervous system and blood cells and is involved in the production of DNA and in the metabolism of food.

It’s also a common deficiency among older individuals because the production of an enzyme required to extract B12 from food known as intrinsic factor declines as we age. Hence, B12 supplementation is prudent in midlife and beyond.

The Reference Daily Intake (the daily amount required to meet the needs of most people) for vitamin B12 is 2.4 micrograms.

We’ve included additional B12 because research shows that higher doses may alleviate depressive symptoms and support cognition and mood.[21][22][23]

Vitamin b12

No Artificial Food Dyes or Other Chemical Junk

Studies show that artificial food dyes may cause negative effects in some people, including gastrointestinal toxicity and behavioral disorders.[24][25][26][27][28]

No Artificial Food Dyes or Other Chemical Junk

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Lab Tested for Potency & Purity


Lab Tested for Potency & Purity

Every bottle of Vitality is analyzed in a state-of-the-art ISO 17025 accredited lab to verify what is and isn’t in it. That way, you know exactly what you’re getting and putting into your body.

Vitality Lab Test Certificate Page 1 Vitality Lab Test Certificate Page 2

How to Use Vitality

Take 3 capsules daily. For best results, take one serving in the morning with food. Don't exceed 2 servings (6 capsules) per day.

Supplement Facts

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Ingredients & Directions

Vitality Supplement Facts Vitality Supplement Facts


Take 3 capsules daily. For best results, take one serving in the morning with food. Don't exceed 2 servings (6 capsules) per day.


Check with a qualified healthcare professional before using this product if you are under 18 years of age or if you have any pre-exisiting medical conditions and/or are taking any prescription medication(s). Consult physician if pregnant or nursing.


Frequently Asked Questions

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