I wanted Sal to talk about three topics that he’s particularly revved up about recently, and that’s gut health, overcoming systemic fatigue, and using mindful/intuitive eating strategies over more rigid, planning/tracking-based strategies.

Here’s a little sneak peek of what we talk about in today’s interview:

  • What “leaky gut” is and how it can affect your body.
  • How artificial sweeteners can harm our gut health, and how that can in turn affect many aspects of our health and wellness.
  • What “HPA/HPAT Axis Dysfunction” is, why many people are suffering from it, and what you can do to beat it.
  • Some of Sal’s favorite mindfulness practices.
  • And more…


4:59 – Why is the health and wellness space flooded with bad information?

11:53 – How are anecdotes accelerating medical research?

19:04 – What is leaky gut?

22:47 What are glyphosates and how do they affect our bodies?

29:00 – How do Artificial Sweeteners affect our body?

31:22 – What is HPA/HPAT Axis Dysfunction and what are its symptoms?

37:16 – What can you do to reverse HPA/HPAT Axis Dysfunction?

42:21 What is intuitive eating?

48:09 – What is  the repeated exposure effect?

1:01:59 – How does the central nervous system affect our workouts?

1:05:09 – What is mindful eating?

1:10:20 – What are some of your personal mindfulness practices?

1:12:30 – What are the studies behind the breathing technique?

1:13:17 – Where can everybody find your work?

What did you think of this episode? Have anything else to share? Let me know in the comments below!