Getting toned, lean, and strong doesn’t revolve around dubious “biohacks” for supercharging muscle growth, melting belly fat, or optimizing hormones. 

It doesn’t require dietary strategies like intermittent fasting and keto, exercise techniques like muscle confusion and functional training, or esoteric pills and powders like collagen protein and exogenous ketones.

Instead, the real “secret sauce” of the fitness elite can be summed up like this:

  1. They control their calorie and protein intake.
  2. They mostly eat nutritious foods.
  3. They work out a few hours per week, and mostly to gain muscle and strength.

In other words, the passport to the body you’ve always wanted is in the fundamentals, not the fringes. 

The devil’s in the details, however, because there are a few correct and many incorrect ways of executing those strategies. 

It’s like making music—just knowing that the process amounts to using notes to create pleasing harmonies, melodies, and rhythms isn’t enough to create an earworm. You need to understand how to craft and combine those elements in very particular ways. 

Skeptical? You should be. 

I was when I first encountered the scientific research and practical strategies I share in my new book Muscle for Life. Take heart, though, because I’m also not going to ask you to make a big leap of faith. 

Most of what you’ll learn has been around for decades and stood the test of time, but as you’re probably not an elite athlete with access to world-class trainers and dietitians, nobody has connected the dots for you the way I do in the book.

Moreover, Muscle for Life is all about getting results, and fast. 

That means you’ll see real, tangible improvements in your body within the first thirty days of starting this program, and within three months, your friends and family will want to know what the heck you’re doing. 

Your weight will be moving in the right direction, your clothes will fit better, and you’ll see muscle definition where there was little before. I promise. 

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