In just 6 months of Legion coaching, Stan dramatically improved his health and fitness, shedding almost 30 pounds and trimming 6 inches off his waist, all while getting significantly stronger.

Stan had dabbled with weightlifting for years. However, his strength and body composition had never progressed as he’d hoped, which had dampened his motivation to train. 

The tide turned when he met his Legion coach. Together, they developed a training program emphasizing steady, incremental progress and a diet regimen that promoted healthy weight loss without requiring Stan to completely overhaul his lifestyle.

Here are his results:

stan before and after

Stan’s Journey

Before signing up for Legion coaching, Stan faced two major hurdles: He disliked his physique and was concerned about his long-term health. Compounding this was his tendency to overeat at weekends, and while he often lifted weights, he didn’t follow a structured strength training plan. 

Recognizing the need for change, he enrolled in Legion’s coaching program.

With the help of his coach, Stan began a diet and exercise program tailor-made to address his specific challenges and goals. As part of the process, Stan’s coach had Stan track everything.

This was a new concept for Stan, but one that kept him on track and inspired him to continue. “Having to record everything—weight and body measurements, food consumed, and workouts—not only kept me accountable but motivated,” he said.

Stan’s dedication and diligence paid off. Despite initially struggling with shoulder, back, and hip pain, he quickly added 40 pounds to his deadlift and squat one-rep maxes. 

He also revamped his eating habits. Meal planning became a tool to eliminate excuses and reduce frustration, factors that had marred his previous attempts at dieting.

Six weeks in, Stan was so happy with his results that he had already decided to extend his coaching for a further 12 weeks.

Reflecting on this, he said, “My coach was great at encouraging me. However, she didn’t just blow sunshine. She called me out when my weight jumped up over the weekend, and she pointed out areas that needed improvement with my lifting form. She had the right blend of cheerleader, teacher, and accountability partner.”

Stan’s Results

In just 6 months of coaching, Stan . . .

  • Lost a total of 29 pounds of body fat
  • Slimmed his waist from 41 inches to 35 inches
  • Reduced his body fat percentage by 14-15%

His consistency and willingness to learn helped him finally achieve his fitness goals. And with the support and guidance of his coach, his journey turned out to be more straightforward and achievable than he had ever anticipated.

If Stan Can Do It, You Can Too

Like many others, Stan faced obstacles on his health and fitness journey, such as a demanding work schedule, family commitments, limited knowledge, and struggles with motivation and discipline.

However, his Legion coach showed him how to navigate these challenges and get meaningful results without overwhelming his schedule or drastically altering his lifestyle.

Success like Stan’s is attainable for everyone, but it often requires the clarity and direction a coach provides. In Stan’s case, the mentorship from his Legion coach was the catalyst that transformed his approach to health and fitness.

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