In this episode, I speak with Dr. Mike Zourdos who’s an assistant professor of Exercise Science at Florida Atlantic University, published researcher, and competitive powerlifter, as well as the head Powerlifting coach at Florida State University.

Mike also produces a fantastic monthly research review along with Dr. Eric Helms and Greg Nuckols, called MASS (, and in this interview, Mike is going to break down one of the studies analyzed in their review.

The study he’s going to discuss is on training to failure, and in this discussion, Mike explains what training to failure is, how it relates to muscle growth, how necessary it is, how to best incorporate it into your training, and more.


6:36 – What is the study of training to failure and is it necessary?

13:02 – When should you incorporate training to failure?

19:44 –  How does training to failure effect strength and muscle growth?

26:38 – Does cardio with HIIT harm or improve muscle hypertrophy?

30:45 Where can people follow you and find your work?

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