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Is there a particular part of your body you want to strip fat from fast? 

Chances are good if you’ve searched online for answers about this “problem area,” you’ve found recommendations for specific exercises, foods, or supplements. 

Unfortunately, these solutions are a pipe dream. Fat loss is a simple process, but it’s not perfectly predictable. 

That is, if you know how to eat and exercise properly, you will lose fat consistently. However, there aren’t clearly defined stages of fat loss that allow you to forecast exactly where you’ll lose the fat from.

There are some general patterns to fat loss, though, and these can give you an indication of how and when you’ll lose fat during a cut. This is helpful because it tells us what to expect, which can help us stay on track.

That’s what this podcast is all about.


5:39 – Where do you lose weight first? 

10:24 – Why don’t men see fast results with their belly fat? Why don’t women see fast results with their thighs, butt, and hips?

15:29 – How does blood flow affect stubborn fat?

19:23 – How do genetics play a role with fat? 

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