It seems like every time you turn around, there’s a new weight loss supplement clamoring for your attention.

You know, one that promises to shrink your belly fat, curb your appetite, or maybe even allow you to eat anything you damn well please and still lose weight.

It all sounds great at first, but by now, most of us realize the idea of a “weight loss pill” is, at bottom, bunk.

No amount of pills or powders alone can give us the lean bodies we want.

Does that mean we should write off weight loss supplements entirely, though?

Not so fast.

When you look at the scientific research, evidence suggests some weight loss supplements can actually move the needle and thus are worth considering.

You just have to know what to look for and how they affect your body, so you can use them properly.

And that brings us to yohimbine.

It’s often found in pre-workout supplements (because it’s a light stimulant) and fat burner supplements (because it purportedly accelerates weight loss), but what is it exactly?

Does it actually help with weight loss? What about dosing and side effects? Is it dangerous?

Well, this episode is going to answer all those questions and more.

By the end, you’re going to know exactly what yohimbine can and can’t do and you can then decide if it’s worth your money.


3:57 – What is yohimbine?

5:59 – Why do people supplement with yohimbine?

7:04 – How well does yohimbine work?

10:36 – What’s the clinically effective dosage of yohimbine?

12:14 – What types of results should I expect from yohimbine?

13:45 – What are the side effects of yohimbine?

15:10 – Which product of yohimbine do you recommend?

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