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“When’s your next book coming out?”

“What kind of supplements are you going to release next?”

“What would you name your boat if you had one?”

I’m asked questions like these all the time and so I thought I’d start doing monthly updates about what’s new and exciting here at Legion HQ.

So here’s a quick hosedown of what me and my jolly band of pirates and bums have been up to lately.


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Hello and welcome to a new episode of Muscle for Life. I’m Mike Matthews and I’m recording this from the infrared sauna in my mechanical room because this is the best place to go to get away from all the noise. It turns out the acoustics are actually not bad, although it gets hot in here. The sun is not on of course, but it’s small and apparently body heat and maybe some of the heat from the computer is enough to raise the temperature enough to make me start sweating after about 20 or 30 minutes.

Anyway, quarantine rambling, right? And speaking of quarantine, uh, it is amazing to see how many people are still packing into big box stores to buy non essential bric a brac and subway cars to take leisurely jaunts around town. I saw a headline about Lowe’s, the home improvement store, holding a big spring sale, which of course then prompted a bunch of people to pack into the store, you know, shoulder to shoulder to buy Discounted tulips and mulch and power tools.

If I could say one thing to all those people, it is stay home, you jagoffs. I mean, seriously, if this were an undead apocalypse, these would be the people who would be hiding the zombie bites, right? And I mean, look at it this way. Even if you are not concerned about getting sick yourself, Like me, I’m not concerned about getting sick myself, and even if you are rightfully skeptical of much of the media’s hyperventilation over, for instance, models, statistical models that have vastly overestimated hospitalizations and deaths, and even if you think this whole fiasco might…

Be a globalist, elitist plot to crash the global economy and institute medical mandates and usher in a global cryptocurrency as a precursor to global governance. You still should just stay home. The best thing us plebs can do right now to reclaim life as we knew it is to stay the hell away from each other for a bit longer.

So the infection doesn’t spread faster now before we get to the show if you like what I’m doing here on the podcast And elsewhere if you want to help me help more people get into the best shape of their lives Please consider picking up one of my best selling health and fitness books I have bigger leaner stronger for men thinner leaner stronger for women I have a flexible dieting cookbook called The Shredded Chef as well as a 100 percent practical hands on blueprint for personal transformation called The Little Black Book of Workout Motivation.

These books have sold well over a million copies and have helped thousands of people build their best body ever. And you can find them on all major online retailers like Amazon, Audible, iTunes, Kobo, and Google Play, as well as in select Barnes Noble stores. So again, that’s bigger leaner stronger for men, thinner leaner stronger for women, the shredded chef, and The little black book of workout motivation.

Oh, and I should also mention that you can get any of my audio books for free when you sign up for an audible account, which is the perfect way to make those little pockets of downtime, like commuting, meal, prepping, dog, walking, and cleaning a bit more. Interesting, entertaining, and productive. And if you want to take audible up on that offer and get one of my audio books for free, just go to legionathletics.

com slash audible, and it’ll forge you over. And then you can sign up for your account. Let’s see what else is going on in this monthly update. Ah, Legion news. Let’s talk about Legion because. Last year, I announced that a complete overhaul of legions branding was underway, and the goal of that was to create a whole new look for the products that is more in line with current design trends, more premium looking and more gender neutral.

So less dated, less, uh, bodybuilder ish, and less hyper masculine. And thanks to the wondrous work of the Männer und Frauen at Traina Design, that is T R A I N A Design. I am finally ready to present the fruits of very much labor, the new look of Legion. If you want to check it out, just head over to legionathletics.

com, go over to the blog and you will find an article, a monthly update article that this podcast is based on. And in that article, you can see some screenshots. And so what we’ve done is create a whole new style. Style for the products as well as a new logo and a pretty cool color scheme. So if you head over to legionathletics.

com and go to the blog and check out the article, you’ll see that the body composition products have a red color to them. The protein products have a blue color and the health products are split between turquoise and kind of like a deep. silverish purple. And the reason why we went with two colors for the health products is we have quite a few and we are working on more.

Like for example, we have two gut health products that are in the works. One is bacterial, a probiotic, and one is non bacterial. We have a beauty product, something that is going to help make your hair, skin, and nails look better. And we also have a health and vitality product that is going to be particularly for the 40 plus crowd.

And so anyway, if you could imagine then all of our products or a lot of our products arrayed together, if the health category had just one color, like let’s say turquoise, it would dominate the shot. So we split it into two different colors and there’s more to unveil. Like every single product, every single SKU got redesigned.

There’s custom CGI artwork for all of the flavors, and they look fantastic. And all of our ambassadors and athletes are excited because we’re switching to matte labels instead of shiny ones. The shiny ones are extremely hard to photograph. These New ones not only look a lot better, a lot more vibrant and eye catching inherently, they also photograph much better because they don’t reflect the light in the same way that the current ones do.

So anyway, if you want to see this new look, just head over to legionathletics. com, head over to the blog and search for the latest and greatest monthly update article. All right, moving on, moving on. This is something that I. I think I’ve mentioned here and there, but let’s make the official announcement.

And that is that I am working on a book for the 40 plus crowd for the middle aged folk. And let me give you a little sneak peek as to how it’s going. So it was 4 a. m. and I hadn’t slept in three days. Because I was holed up in a basement lab in the cloud forests of Guatemala, I was surrounded by reams of not yet published scientific literature doing things, quite frankly, that are frowned upon by the FDA.

But I was on the verge of a discovery that would change everything we knew about aging. If my hypothesis proved true, the realms of health Fitness and longevity would enter a new era. I’m talking striking muscle and strength gain without having to even step foot in the gym. Effortless fat loss without ever having to diet.

And superhuman health and durability without taking a single supplement. And yes, at any age. A true magic. Bullet break through a watershed moment, a sea change, a miracle. Okay. So none of that actually happened. That was me doing my best Tim Ferriss impression, but I do have some good news for my middle aged friends, because no matter how old you are, no matter how bad you might think your hormones or your genetics are, and no matter how lost.

You might feel from trying and abandoning past diets and exercise routines. You absolutely positively can have the strong, lean and healthy body you dream about. And this new book that I’m working on, which is tentatively titled muscle for life. Is going to teach you how and this is also going to be my first traditionally published book, which is a nice big plate of cocaine for my ego because Simon and Schuster’s who’s going to be publishing it.

They love the idea and I am working hard with them and my editor to get the book on shelves next summer. I have a May deadline. I have to deliver the full manuscript by the end of Next month and I’m on track to do that. So excited. I’m excited. And if you’re wondering how this book is going to differ from my existing books and from bigger leaner stronger and thinner leaner stronger in particular, a few points here.

One, this new book is going to be my simplest and most newbie friendly book yet. It’s going to be intended for literally anyone. At any age, no matter how healthy or unfit they are, it’s also going to revolve around the science of aging well, not just getting jacked. Now there’s some overlap there, of course, but bigger, leaner, stronger, and thinner, leaner, stronger.

Don’t focus on aging per se. Their primary focus is getting ripped. And it turns out that is a great way to age better, but there’s a bit more that you should know as you move into your middle aged. years. If you want to not just improve your life span, but also your quality of life. And also this new book is going to provide three brand new strength training programs that are quite different than what you’ll find in bigger, leaner, stronger and thinner, leaner, stronger.

These programs are going to be specifically tailored to middle agers based on their current level of fitness. So that’s how this book will be able to serve. Let’s say the 60 year old dude who is very out of shape and who has never trained his muscles before. He would start on the beginner program as well as the 45 year old dude who’s in pretty good shape and who’s been working out fairly regularly for some time now, but it’s just not happy with where he’s at or just feel stuck.

And in his case, he would probably start on the advanced program. A few points are just for starters, there’s a lot more that is going to differentiate this book from my existing work, and I’ll be sharing more on it as I move through it and as we move closer to the publication date. Alright, next up on the old ledger is Legion Donated 10, 249.


And this is me just following up because I said I’d share exactly how much we raised for the Center for Disease Philanthropy with our health sale that we did over at Legion a couple of weeks ago. And that’s the result. And I’m thrilled about it. Just over 10, 000. And every one of those dollars is going toward providing masks, gowns, gloves, and other essential.

Thank you. Personal protective equipment to medical staff who are at increased risk because of their close contact with people who may be infected. The money’s also going towards supporting people who are unable to go to work, go shopping for necessities, attend social functions, or even see their families in some cases, as well as toward increasing access to water sanitation and hygiene resources to help limit the spread of all viruses and other infections.

And so if you purchased any of our health and vitality supplements during the sale over at legionathletics. com, you contributed to that fundraiser. So thank you very much for helping us make the This a success and due to the current state of things, which is improving, but still is rough and tumble from now until we’re over the hump with C Ovid 19 Legion is going to continue donating a portion of all profits.

to the CDP again, which is supporting healthcare workers, quarantined and especially vulnerable individuals and hygiene promoting activities. And there’s going to be no cap on the donations. So the more we sell, the more we are going to give. And so if you are running a bit low on your favorite Legion stuff, or maybe Haven’t tried Legion yet, but have been thinking about it.

Now would be a great time to head over to Legion, check out our store and help support this ongoing fundraiser. And one other thing that we’re gonna be doing is we are going to be giving health professionals who are helping combat the pandemic 50% off on all of our Health and vitality supplements, which includes our new immune support.

immune our multi vitamin triumph, our official oil Triton and our joint supplement Fortify. And the reason is these supplements can help these people stay well and on the front lines. And if that includes you and you want to take us up on this offer, all you have to do is head over to legionathletics.

com, go to the store. Use the little filter dropdown, the show me, and then down at the bottom. health boosters, and then you will see our health products by whatever you want. Check out like place your order and then reply to the receipt email you receive with some form of evidence showing that you are connected to a hospital.

First. response team or other group that’s actively involved in fighting COVID 19. So for example, this offer would apply to nurses, EMTs, and other medical personnel and volunteers and people who are tracing the virus and assisting those who’ve been affected by it and participating in really any other relief effort.

They would all qualify. So you reply to the email showing us that you do qualify. And then someone on our customer experience team will confirm the receipt of your credentials and then refund 50 percent of your order. We thought that’s the easiest way to do it. And last but not least big ups to last month’s champion giveaway winner, Beth R who won a couple of signed books.

from a guy, Mike Matthews, as well as a Legion blender bottle and two Legion supplements of her choice, and she chose Immune and Thrive. And if you want to win cool stuff too, head over to legionathletics. com, join our rewards program, unlock the champion tier, and you will be automatically entered into the champion giveaway every month.

All right, friends, that’s it for now. Until next time. Cowabunga. All right. Well, that’s it for today’s episode. I hope you found it interesting and helpful. And if you did, and you don’t mind doing me a favor, could you please leave a quick review for the podcast on iTunes or wherever you are listening from?

Because those reviews not only convince people that they should check out the show, they also increase the search visibility. And help more people find their way to me and to the podcast and learn how to build their best body ever as well. And of course, if you want to be notified when the next episode goes live, then simply subscribe to the podcast and whatever app you’re using to listen and you will not miss out on any of the.

new stuff that I have coming. And last, if you didn’t like something about the show, then definitely shoot me an email at Mike at muscle for life. com and share your thoughts. Let me know how you think I could do this better. I read every email myself and I’m always looking for constructive feedback. All right.

Thanks again for listening to this episode. And I hope to hear from you soon.

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