Bodybuilder Ben Pakulski interviews me on his podcast to talk about how to structure a diet to get extremely lean, fasting, planning your diet over several months, supplements for fat loss, book publishing, and more.

This interview is different from my normal routine of drilling deep down into one topic, because Ben wanted to cover a lot of different topics including the finer points of getting lean, the ins and outs of self-publishing, and the hard lessons we’ve learned growing both as individuals and businesspeople.

For example, we discuss the value of suffering when it comes to achieving our goals, how to decide what projects are worth pursuing and which aren’t, what it takes to be the best at something, and really anything else that popped into our heads. 🙂

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7:06 – What should people expect if they’re trying to get shredded?

8:39 – How does our unique physiological conditions affect fat loss?

11:12 – What are some of the challenges with tracking macros?

13:24 – What are your thoughts on muscle loss during extreme dieting?

16:51 – What was your experience with fat gain while fasting?

20:46 – What is your cut process?

26:03 – What’s the story behind writing Bigger, Leaner, Stronger?

29:23 – What are the main points in Bigger, Leaner, Stronger?

30:09 – Why do you recommend compound lifting and what is your experience with it?

33:04 – What do you recommend for people who don’t naturally fit a traditional exercise program?

38:49 – What advice do you have for people who want to start a business in the fitness industry?

43:43 – How do you overcome feeling like an imposter in the fitness industry?

52:46 – How do you grab people’s attention with content marketing? What’s the future of content marketing?

56:31 – What is and what is in store for its future?

58:22 – Where can people find you?

58:40 – What books do you recommend for personal development, business, and fitness?

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