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When you first start working out, one of the most confusing questions you’ll face is what workout split to follow.

A workout split refers to how you’ll organize your training throughout the week.

The reason it’s called a split is because most workout plans split up your training in a way that has you train different muscle groups or exercises on different days of the week.

Sounds simple enough: some days you train some muscle groups or exercises, other days you train other muscle groups or exercises.

Of course, it’s not that simple.

There are countless ways to organize a week of workouts, but everyone has an opinion on what works best, and they’ll tell you you’re wrong if you’re not following exactly what they recommend.

Should you do traditional bodybuilder workouts where you train each muscle group once per week, obliterating it with as many sets as possible?

Or should you follow one of the minimalist full-body strength-training programs that have become popular over the past few years?

Or should you do something in the middle, like a push pull legs split?

Well, the short answer is that none of these approaches is perfect.

There isn’t one “best” workout split, and the best one for you depends on your goals, training experience, and preferences.

If you’re having trouble deciding how many days per week to work out, which muscle groups to work on which days, or which workout split would work best for your goals, this podcast is for you.

Let’s start by looking at what a workout split is.


4:42 – What is a workout split?

11:05 – What is the best workout split?

13:01 – The body part split

26:43 – The upper lower split

30:16 – Push pull legs

39:24 – The full body workout

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