“I’m not making any progress!”

Are you sure? 

You may not feel or look any fitter than you were a few months ago, but has your form improved on key exercises? 

Do your joints feel better?

Are you having more fun in your workouts? 

Those are wins too. Progress isn’t one-dimensional.

Sometimes, progress is dragging your draggy body into the gym when you’d rather tie Anthony Weiner’s shoes. And other times, progress is dragging your droopy body to the couch to rest when you’re hornier for a workout than a triple-peckered billy goat.

Sometimes, progress is saying no to something you’d normally say yes to, like the office donuts or pizza, the extra serving of chips or ice cream, or the second soda or glass of wine. Other times, it’s saying yes without feeling guilty or upset.

And sometimes, progress is even quitting a diet or workout program that isn’t working for you so you can try something else. Stick with what you can, but sometimes, it makes more sense to start over, even if you eventually find your way back to where you began. This isn’t said enough.

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