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Losing weight is hard.

If you don’t agree with that now then spend some time in a gym and meet a few hundred people who do think that. Sometimes you diet and exercise and nothing happens.

It gets frustrating at times, knowing that all the hard work you put into changing your body amounted to absolutely nothing.

What if you don’t really need to lose weight to be healthy?

More and more people are saying that being overweight isn’t necessarily what leads to ill health. It’s just lack of exercise, poor diet, high stress, and other unhealthy habits.

This idea is part of a growing movement known as “health at every size,” that states that instead of focusing on weight, people should just focus on eating better, moving more, and practicing good habits, regardless of the outcome.

Other people say that, no, your weight does matter, and one of the single best ways to improve your health, live longer, and feel better is to lose weight.

Who’s right?

Well, the short story is that being overweight or obese is, by definition, unhealthy. The good news, though, is that the amount of body fat it takes to negatively affect your health is probably higher than you might think, and you can keep many of the problems at bay by eating right and exercising.

In this episode, you’re going to learn what a healthy weight really is, whether or not exercise and diet can offset the negative effects of being overweight, and when you absolutely should lose weight regardless of how good your other habits are.

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