It’s time for another contentious topic, my friends.

No, not volume, frequency, or intensity. Today, we’re talking about workout splits. Specifically, full-body training.

Full-body and higher-frequency training has become more popular lately. And if you’ve followed my work over the years, you know I haven’t been a big proponent of full-body workouts. In fact, in previous editions of Bigger Leaner Stronger, the workouts had typical “bro-split” names (even though the workouts themselves were more like a Push Pull Legs split with added accessory days).

So, it’s not too surprising that I frequently get asked for my thoughts on full-body training versus body part splits and the “best workout split” in general.

Well, full-body workouts can definitely work well in certain situations—like when you’re a beginner or when you can only train one or two times per week. But for this episode, I decided to bring in a big proponent of and expert on full-body training, Menno Henselmans.

Menno has been a repeat guest on my podcast, but in case you’re not familiar with him, he’s a bodybuilding coach, writer, and published scientist who’s also on the Scientific Advisory Board of my sports nutrition company, Legion Athletics.

In this episode, we chat about …

  • Why you should use a full-body split if you training infrequently
  • The primary benefits of full-body training (optimizing volume and work capacity)
  • How to properly program “supersets” without hurting performance (and actually improve it)
  • How to program an effective full-body routine
  • Saving time in the gym, inter-set rest time, and exercise order considerations
  • Periodization and why you shouldn’t change exercises too frequently
  • Situations when full-body routine wouldn’t be the best choice
  • And more …

So, if you want to learn all about full-body training and whether you should give it a shot, listen to this episode.

Time Stamps:

8:03 – What qualifies as a full body workout versus something else?

17:32 – Do full body workouts give you more high quality volume?

19:02 – What is a superset? How would you implement supersets without impairing your performance on the exercises?

28:04 – How do you like to program your full body workouts?

31:04 – Is that your exercise or is there another component to it as well?

32:08 – How do you like to order your exercises?

35:45 – How do you like to periodize this type of training?

40:30 – Do you do your heavier workouts earlier in the week after a rest period?

41:39 – As far as volume, what are you shooting for?

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