In the last 19 years, I’ve experienced quite a bit it the fitness game.

I was once the newbie without a clue, following magazine workouts and buying hundreds of dollars of worthless supplements every month.

I was once the guy stuck in a rut, just going through the motions every week without any noticeable improvements in body composition.

I was once the guy who thought dieting to get lean was far more complicated (and grueling) than it has to be.

I was once the guy who figured I didn’t have the genetics for a great physique.

Well, I’m now this guy . . .

And even better, I have a roadmap that anyone can follow to achieve similar results of their own (and faster than they ever thought possible).

That is, I’ve learned the true fundamentals of building muscle, losing fat, getting strong, and staying healthy–the 20% that delivers 80% of the results–and with them, built the body I’ve always wanted.

You can do the same, and I can help. That’s why I share everything I know in my articles, podcast, videos, and books.

I’m also happy to answer any questions you might have related to diet, training, supplementation, or anything else. Just comment down below and you’ll hear back from me.

So, thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to hearing from you!