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Whether you’re squatting the bar or a pile of plates, if you’re in the gym, you deserve to be there. To take up space. To take up time. Anyone who tries to make you feel otherwise can choke on a rusty spoon. Listen to this podcast for a bit of motivational inspiration!  


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2:48 – Want 125 quick, easy, and delicious “fitness friendly” recipes? Get The Shredded Chef:

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Want 125 quick, easy, and delicious “fitness friendly” recipes? Get The Shredded Chef:

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Whether you’re squatting the bar or a pile of plates, if you’re in the gym, you deserve to be there to take up space, to take up time, and anyone who tries to make you feel otherwise can choke on a rusty spoon, whether you ate a bag instead of a bite, ordered a cheeseburger instead of a chicken breast, or drink a barrel instead of a bottle.

You’re not a bad person or a sad sack or anything other than someone who ate some food or drank some drink. Whether you want to build a few ounces of muscle or a few stones, lose a drop or two of fat, or a gulp or three, or gain a whisker of strength or a bushel, you belong in the gym, just the way you are, just the way you want to.

And whether it is your first year or your 14th year workouts will feel awful sometimes. Like you don’t know what you’re doing, like you are chasing the wind. Like you should just quit. That’s okay. Shrug it off and plow on. And finally, whether you did a workout today or just a single set, I salute you. If you set a pr, I salute you.

If you didn’t set a pr, I salute you. If you didn’t train today, but you trained yesterday or will train tomorrow, I salute you because many people just talk. You are trying so salute. If you like what I’m doing here on the podcast and want 125 of my favorite, quick, easy, and delicious fitness friendly recipes, you want to get a copy of my Flexible Dieting Cookbook, the Shredded Chef, because here’s the deal, you don’t need to follow a bland, boring, bodybuilder diet to get into the best shape of your life.

You can eat delicious home cooked meals you love without living in the kitchen. Struggling with hard to prepare recipes or overspending on expensive ingredients. And the shredded chef is the shortcut because it has 13 delicious and easy to make breakfast recipes like BLT Eggs. Benedict Wao, rancheros high protein banana oat cakes, and Mort has 11 mouthwatering salads and dressings like a spicy Santa Fe taco salad.

Grilled Mediterranean salad with sun dried tomato vinegarette. Creamy jalapeno cilantro dressing and more. It also has 14 low calorie snacks that you’ll actually want to eat, like blueberry, coconut pancake batter smoothie maple, walnut protein muffins, peanut butter protein, swirl brownies, and more. There are also 16 succulent beef and pork recipes for savory lunches and dinners like beef stroganoff.

One of my personal favorites, beef Lomain Parmesan crusted pork chops, and. And then there are 18 tasty poultry dishes that you will love again and again like curry chicken, Mexican meatloaf, which is killer polo fajitas. And more. There are eight flavorful seafood recipes like creamy fettuccini with scallops, graham cracker crusted tilapia sea.

Cod with no cook mustard, caper sauce, and more. There are 11 appetizing side dishes like crispy squash fries. Squash fries are so good if you’ve never had them before. You’re in for a treat. Sweet potato chips, roasted garlic, twice, baked potato, and more. And finally, there are 10 delectable and macro friendly desserts that you can enjoy.

Guilt free, like peach cobbler, maple raisin bread pudding, triple berry. And more. I also give for all of those recipes, cook time, prep time, servings, calories, protein, carbs and fat, which makes meal planning a breeze. And I even went further and put all of that information into a spreadsheet, which makes it even easier to build out your meal plan.

And you can get that as a free download when you get the book, part of the free bonus material. And so all of that is why the Shredded Chef has sold well over 300,000 copies, has received over 3,304 and five star reviews on Amazon, and has helped that I know of thousands of people build their best body ever.

And you can find it on all major online retailers wherever you like to buy books, Amazon, iTunes, Cobo, Google Play Even Audible. There is an audiobook, and yes, some people do buy cookbooks as audiobooks. Who knew? And you can also find Thero Hef in Select Barnes and Noble stores. Well, I hope you liked this episode.

I hope you found it helpful, and if you did subscribe to the show because it makes sure that you don’t miss new episodes. And it also helps me because it increases the rankings of the show a little bit, which of course then makes it a little bit more easily found by other people who may like it just as much as you.

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I read everything myself. I’m always looking for new ideas and constructive feedback. So thanks again for listening to this episode, and I hope to hear from you soon.

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