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Every day, your lifestyle choices cast a lasting impact on your brain’s health, often without your conscious awareness. 

As we grow older, the stakes get higher—maintaining optimal brain function is not just an option; it’s essential for a vibrant and productive life. 

But how exactly can you protect and sharpen your mind against the inevitable wear of time? 

In this episode, I’m joined by brain health expert Louisa Nicola to discuss scientifically-backed strategies to keep your cognitive faculties in peak condition and stave off decline.

In case you’re not familiar with Louisa, she’s a neurophysiologist, Alzheimer’s Disease researcher, human performance coach, and the founder and head performance advisor of Neuro Athletics, a company dedicated to helping people achieve peak performance through neuroscience.

With her extensive knowledge and research in the field, Louisa shares valuable insights on the connection between exercise, sleep, nutrition, lifestyle habits, and brain health.

In our discussion, you’ll learn . . .

  • Why exercise is more important than nutrition when it comes to brain health
  • The specific types of exercise that are most beneficial for the brain, including the optimal amount and intensity
  • How strength training factors into a well-rounded brain health routine
  • The role of brain training games and cognitive challenges in maintaining mental sharpness
  • The effects of alcohol and marijuana on the brain, and what the science says about their impact
  • Key supplements to consider for improving brain health, including magnesium, creatine, and omega-3s
  • And more . . .

Whether you’re looking to optimize your cognitive performance, prevent age-related decline, or simply maintain a healthy brain, this episode is packed with evidence-based strategies you can start implementing today.


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(2:12) Find the Perfect Strength Training Program for You: 

(3:54) Is exercise more important than nutrition when it comes to brain health?

(5:54) Why is getting regular blood work important for assessing health?

(8:07) You should get bloodwork done to understand your biomarkers and fitness level

(13:23) Why is exercise so crucial for longevity and brain health?

(22:47) How does strength training factor into how much vigorous exercise you should get per week?

(24:06) At what point do you start to get most of the brain health benefits from exercise?

(28:03) How does exercise specifically affect brain health and function?

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(40:20) What role do brain training games play in cognitive health?

(53:13) What impact do alcohol and marijuana have on the brain?

(1:01:16) Which supplements are worth considering for improving brain health?

(1:09:45) Is magnesium beneficial for brain health, and in what forms?

(1:14:44) Where can people find more of Louisa Nicola’s work and resources?

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