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Many people think building muscle as a vegan is an uphill battle, if not an unwinnable one. 

Once you understand how much protein you need to build muscle, and how much is in animal foods and how little in plant foods, it’s natural to wonder if you can build any muscle to speak of following a vegan diet.

Well, you can, though it’s more difficult than it is for omnivores. 

The truth is you absolutely can build muscle eating nothing but vegan protein sources—you just have to be more careful about what foods you eat. 

Let’s kick off this discussion by looking at why it’s usually more difficult for vegans to build muscle than omnivores (and what to do about it!). 


3:54 – Why should I care about my protein intake while I’m cutting? 

7:58 – How much protein should I be eating when I’m cutting? 

9:07 – How does protein powder fit in? 

22:29 – How much protein powder is too much? 

24:11 – What is the best protein powder for weight loss? 

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