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This podcast is all about alpha-GPC, which is one of my favorite supplements. That’s why you can kind it in my pre-workout Pulse and my nootropic Ascend.

Alpha-GPC has promise as both a performance enhancer and a cognitive booster and preserver. It’s also well-tolerated with very few side effects, which is not something that can be said about a lot of other nootropic supplements.

So, should you try alpha-GPC? Will it help you push a little bit harder in the gym without the side effects associated with stimulants? Find out in this podcast.

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5:27 – What is Alpha-GPC?

8:36 – What are the power and strength benefits with supplementing with Aplha-GPC?

11:57 – What are the cognitive benefits with supplementing with Alpha-GPC? 

14:23 – What are the growth hormone benefits with supplementing with Aplha-GPC?

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