In this podcast, I chat with Menno Henselmans all about the science of self-control and willpower.

Menno just released a book called The Science of Self-Control, which is an evidence-based look at willpower and how to be more productive. This isn’t your typical self-help book either, filled with anecdote and fluff. It’s more like a textbook in the sense that it references over 500 scientific papers while giving you practical tips on boosting your self-control. 

Menno’s book will help anyone understand what self-control is, and how you can boost yours so that you can better stick to a diet, work smarter (not harder), and simply put, be better.

In this interview, Menno and I discuss the two-system theory of self-control, the causes of willpower depletion, simple tips to boost your focus (including taking imaginary breaks!), and a whole lot more, only scratching the surface of what’s in his book.

Menno has been a repeat guest on my podcast, but in case you’re not familiar with him, he’s a former business consultant turned international public speaker, educator, writer, published scientist, and physique coach who’s passionate about helping serious athletes attain their ideal physiques. He’s also on the Scientific Advisory Board of my sports nutrition company, Legion.

So if you want to learn about the science of self-control and how we can use scientific research to boost our willpower and be more productive, check out this interview!

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6:26 – What inspired you to write The Science of Self-Control?                       

11:17 – What is 2 system theory and why is it important to understanding self-control?

23:38 – Practical tips for improving self-control.                   

28:11 – What are evidence-based ways to get through boredom? 

35:48 – How do you structure your day?                     

48:14 – The best length for a nap.

50:22 – The power of imaginary breaks.

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