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When you really break it down, fitness is pretty simple. 

Want to gain muscle and get stronger? Lift heavy weights and make those weights heavier over time to keep making progress.

Want to lose weight? Eat fewer calories than you burn by eating less, moving more, or both.

However, dumbing it down to such simple tenets isn’t always helpful. 

For someone who’s very overweight, for example, blunt “eat less” advice isn’t necessarily the most motivating or even practical tip. Helping people requires a bit more nuance. And it often helps to hear from someone who has made it through that journey themselves rather than a trainer who’s never been a pound above ripped.

Enter Ethan Suplee, who has had one of the most impressive transformations I’ve seen. I’ve had him on my podcast before to talk about his journey from over 500 pounds to jacked with abs. 

In case you’re not familiar with Ethan, he’s a Hollywood actor who’s appeared in quite a few blockbuster movies and hit T.V. shows including Mallrats, Without a Paddle, American History X, Cold Mountain, Remember the Titans, My Name Is Earl, Chasing Amy, and many more. 

Not only has Ethan walked the walk in terms of losing a lot of weight and keeping it off, but he’s using his celebrity and story to help spread the word about proper nutrition and training through his Instagram account and podcast, American Glutton

In our discussion, we talk about . . .

  • Getting emotional eating under control
  • The merits of the motto “food is fuel”
  • The psychology of getting really lean and how to maintain weight loss
  • Being afraid to eat more after losing weight
  • Motivation to keep training once you reach your goals
  • And a lot more . . .

So, if you want to know what it’s really like to go from very overweight to lean, and what it takes to lose serious amounts of weight and keep it off, listen to this podcast! 


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6:10 – How is training 6 days a week going for you? 

6:57 – Have you added volume? 

11:30 – How do you make someone want to change on their own? 

16:35 – At what point did you decide to make a change and why?

22:42 – What was holding you back that stopped you from changing yourself? 

26:57 – Would you say you were emotionally eating? If so, how did you get that under control? 

23:52 – What had to change in order to live your life differently? 

32:45 – What are your thoughts on people who disagree with labeling food as “just fuel”? 

42:08 – Have you experienced any unique challenges? 

48:05 – Was there ever a period where you started to gain weight back? 

59:44 – What’s your motivation now? 

1:06:03 – Where can people find you and your work? 

Mentioned on the Show:

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Ethan Suplee’s Instagram

Ethan’s podcast American Glutton

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